The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 21 Roundup The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 21 Roundup
The Flash S04E17 – Null and Annoyed  The Flash could have picked no better director than Kevin Smith for the return of their second run... The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 21 Roundup

The Flash S04E17 – Null and Annoyed 

The Flash could have picked no better director than Kevin Smith for the return of their second run through the second half of season 4. Not only was episode 17 of season 4 a hilarious episode, featuring the talented acting of Silent Jay and Bob, it adds much needed anticipation for the inevitable showdown between team Flash and DeVoe.

The second last bus meta to appear is Null (Bethany Brown), a gravity manipulator. Barry physically and mentally gets grounded in Null and Annoyed when he is both affected by Null’s powers, and Dibny’s improv routine. In 4 seasons 16 episodes, Barry has been sticking by the book and method acting, but Dibny finally convinces Barry to not try to plan so hard. Dibny’s silly antics might be the key to defeating DeVoe, as it is silly to think they will be able to out smart DeVoe in an intellect battle.

Simultaneously, Cisco gets a visit from Breacher, aka Gypsy’s father. In a battle against vampires, Breacher loses his powers and consults Cisco. Cisco discovers that the loss of his powers is due to his age. Having to retire, Breacher gives Cisco a job offer, which will allow him to spend time with his lover. As Cisco’s future father in law opens up to him, his fake father Harry Wells is up to no good, when he opens up Reverse Flash’s secret chamber and activates Gideon.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E18 – The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly

In the season 3 finale of Legends of Tomorrow, the greatest character of the Arrowverse returns, but not without great sacrifice. In the opening sequence, the final showdown commences. Far out matched, Rip decides it upon himself to take a time drive and overload it to critical mass, giving a bit of time for the legends to escape. However, Rip sacrifices himself for the greater good, or does he? He may very well return some point in the future, but for now he is presumably dead.

Sara takes the crew to the wild wild west, meeting an old friend Jonah hex. Regroup and recharged, the crew must find a way to summon Voltron through the rings. Meanwhile, Jay takes Damien back in time to save Nora, but all he did was switch Mallus’ vessel, switching Damien’s body for Nora’s. A fantastic ploy from the writers to finally rid of the somewhat overused Damien, but continue the Darhk lineage.

Mallus eventually returns, with many of the season 3 foes. On the other hand, in their first attempt to summon Voltron, the legends summon all the friends they saved in season 3 as well. A war set for the ages. The final showdown brings the best of the best, when the legends summon a giant Beebo, the greatest of the great. With flawless effort, Beebo denounces the wicked in a mighty blow.

It eventually ends full circle, where the crew end up back where they started, in Aruba, although without everyone. After returning the totems to a revived Kuasa, Amaya finally returns to Zambesi, and says goodbye. However, she’s left once before, who knows if she will return again. And shadowing their sunny vacation, Constatine appears to warn them of the dangerous threat awaiting them next season, time demons.

Arrow S06E18 – Fundamentals

Fundamentals was a great throwback to season 1 of Arrow, where it was Oliver against the world. The synopsis easily follows the title of the episode, but the journey throughout was very interesting. As Diaz gains more strength and control of the city, he has the police HQ under his thumb. And with all of Oliver’s teammates leaving, Oliver must face his demons alone.

Heavily featuring Prometheus, Oliver finds himself drugged and hallucinating. Fighting through the struggles of drugs, he faces through many regrets he’s had in his vigilante career, he comes to the epiphany to go back to the roots of his heroism. Through his teenage drug phase, he miserably fails an exam with the city council, who later impeach him. Its Quentin’s city now, from a lonely alcoholic to mayor of the city.

A very intriguing episode, that might be a make or break moment for Arrow fans. Many might get excited as the thought for Arrow to return to its dark and gritty nature, without the interruption of comic relief from either Felicity or Curtis every other minute. However, the sudden epiphany almost forgets the past five seasons of growth Oliver has had as a character. Furthermore, it would be equally frustrating if he scoffs it off next episode, making his word meaningless. Especially when season 7 confirmed the return of Roy Harper as a regular, it will be interesting to see how Oliver’s story arc progresses through the rest of the season.

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