The Flash – Season 3 Episode 22 “Infantino Street” The Flash – Season 3 Episode 22 “Infantino Street”
Season 3 has revolved around saving Iris from the dreaded Savitar, and in the penultimate episode, we find out if Barry has what it... The Flash – Season 3 Episode 22 “Infantino Street”

Season 3 has revolved around saving Iris from the dreaded Savitar, and in the penultimate episode, we find out if Barry has what it takes as the 24 hour death clock starts ticking for Iris. In the inevitable final moment of truth, Infantino Street manages to deliver what has been built up the entire season, as well as feature an unlikely team-up, as Barry finds out how far he is willing to go to save Iris.

Knowing who Savitar was gave Team Flash an edge they could utilize, but Savitar shows how godlike he really can be. The recent episodes trying to utilize this information, appealing to Barry’s humanity, removing his memory, was a nice back and forth that played different scenarios for Barry without time travelling. Yet, nothing really worked, and the timeline will forever be a puzzling mess when Barry messed it up. So naturally, Barry does what he does best, go back in time.

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Tracy, who is slowly becoming the Caitlin replacement, has been inventing a Speed Force Bazooka. And if that didn’t sound hard enough, they also need an energy source able to power infinite suns. This source of energy happens to be in the possession of Lyla and ARGUS. Lyla denies Barry and Cisco’s request, as she says she still does not trust them enough yet. With no other options left, Barry travels back in time to retrieve Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, to help him infiltrate ARGUS.

In an amazing team-up, the polar opposites in character delivered one of the best interactions with Barry in the entire season. Throughout penetrating ARGUS, Leonard asks a lot of morally conscience questions to Barry, opening up to a lot of honest and funny moments. They complemented each other, and was brought up perfectly when faced with King Shark, who is protecting the energy device. Barry seems hellbent and willing to do whatever it takes, even killed King Shark, but it was Leonard who reminds him of his humanity, and science. Even when Leonard is stuck in a cold room, waiting for King Shark to eventually regain conscience, Barry does not leave Leonard behind. The episode revealed how much of a hero Leonard has become, and how deep Barry truly is in his quest.

In a further attempt to save Iris, Barry also tells Wally and Joe to take Iris far away, where Barry will never find out. Whilst not entirely unpredictable, Earth-2 seemed like a safe bet for Iris. Time remnant Barry impersonates real Barry, and HR easily gives up Iris’ location. Although silly from HR, it was inevitable that Savitar would find out her location, or else none of the events would play out, and Barry wouldn’t be able to use his new toy.

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In another certain sequence, Cisco’s vibes into the future brings him to face Caitlin. It was a daring choice to play two showdowns back to back from each other, Cisco vs Caitlin and Barry vs Barry. However, it added a lot of weight to Cisco’s fight, possibly as a final moment to Caitlin. Tracy has done a tremendous job to becoming the lead female scientist on Team Flash, which even brought up a hilarious and sweet moment between her and HR. Although Caitlin can never be replaced, Tracy has also become a fantastic addition to the show. The fight between Vibe and Killer Frost cemented, as well as Tracy’s addition to the team has probably resolved Caitlin, to now forever be Killer Frost.

In the final moments of the episode, everything played out exactly as everyone thought it would. The built-up drama to the scene and Iris’ destined moment was emotional and shocking. Unless the ultimate episode of Season 3 reveals a stunning twist, the moment that was replayed throughout the season actually happened. Iris has become a staple character since episode 1, and to see her die would be an extremely bold move by the writers. Savitar’s philosopher stone countered the Speed Bazooka Gun, and he stabs Iris straight through the chest. While Joe and Barry watch their loved one die, it really begs to question what the last episode will entail. Is Iris truly dead? Will Barry time travel again? What is Savitar’s fate now? Is Barry doomed to become emo-Barry?

The Flash airs on The CW on Tuesdays.

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