The Flash Season 3 Mid-Season Review The Flash Season 3 Mid-Season Review
The Flash has fast become one of the most popular and enticing superhero shows on television, bolstering The CW’s weekly scheduling and continuing to prove... The Flash Season 3 Mid-Season Review

The Flash has fast become one of the most popular and enticing superhero shows on television, bolstering The CW’s weekly scheduling and continuing to prove that when television is involved, DC and Warner Bros have it nailed. In anticipation for the return of the show to American screens next week, here’s our recap of Season 3 so far…

Kicking things off with one hell of a bang, Season 3 of The Flash ramped up the time travel aspect of the show tenfold, with a reimagining of the classic Flashpoint comic book story, adapted to fit the show’s current mould.

At the close of Season 2, Barry (Grant Gustin) had taken the decision to save his mother from being killed by Reverse Flash and in turn alter the whole dynamics of the timeline in which he lived. Season 3 picked up immediately from this and saw Barry living the life he had imagined all this time: with his mother and father in apparent tranquillity. But with certain villainous entities causing havoc, and the friends and family he knew very different towards him than he could ever imagine, the reality of Flashpoint would soon see Barry heading back to the Earth he knew, but it wouldn’t be without consequence.

And that’s what The Flash has been so great at dealing with so far this season; the consequences of Barry’s actions. Since the opening episode, the show has thrown many a spanner into the works of Team Flash, due to the amendments made by Barry’s selfish act of saving his mother in the Flashpoint timeline. Whether it be Cisco’s brother dying, or Wally’s evolution with his own speed powers, things has certainly been rather unsettled within Team Flash and it’s made for fascinating viewing through Season 3 so far.

After all, we’re used to somewhat of a cohesive family unit, but already we’ve had best buds Cisco and Barry locking horns, Wally going behind the team’s back with the new Wells (Tom Cavanagh never ceases to amaze with his different versions of the character) to bolster his powers, and even Caitlyn slowly heading down the path of becoming Killer Frost. It’s created a whole new dynamic for the team and suggests there is a point at which it could well implode, especially with more superpowers rearing their head other than Barry’s.

As for the core villain this series, there were certainly huge boots to fill following Zoom, one of the best comic book villains on the small screen for a long time, but the momentum has been kept up in terms of the threat level and the slow unveiling of said villain. This time around, it looked like Alchemy was the chief big bad, only for the rug to be pulled from under us and the emergence of speed god, Savitar. Savitar may look a bit like a Michael Bay Transformer but he’s already making his mark and has really paved the way for some distress for Team Flash – especially with Iris’ life clearly on the line. There’s so much at stake, especially with Savitar being essentially a speed god, making for an edgy and unpredictable remainder of the series.

Season 3 has certainly started as it means to go on, with great depth in its story arcs and a much improved presentation in terms of action set pieces and the feel of the show’s overall visuals. It bodes well for the return and, following what was an enthralling episode that helped to further the four-part crossover, The Flash really feels like the core show for DC at this time. The cast are simply superb, their chemistry second to none, and the ongoing story is simply undeniable. Here’s hoping the remainder just builds upon this success that the show continues to garner…

The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday 24th January and will return to Sky One soon. 

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