The Revolution of Indie Films The Revolution of Indie Films
Film cameras began to be used in the late 19th century followed by a lot of films that at that time known as ‘Motion... The Revolution of Indie Films

Film cameras began to be used in the late 19th century followed by a lot of films that at that time known as ‘Motion Picture’. The images projected onto the screen look moving and alive. At first only pieces of the scene lasted a few seconds. As time passes, many scenes with a few minutes duration began to appear. Within a short time this new technology became a worldwide concern.

Initially, the works of the film were understood and used in limited ways as new technologies opening new possibilities to witness and learn the world’s cultures (the cultures were previously only known through writing and photography that do not move). France is the first country to own a film company that records images outside the room. They are also the first initiative to send filmmakers to Asia and the Middle East, so that this technology soon spread and was known almost simultaneously around the world.

The Indie Movie is an Independent movie, beginning in America

Although Auguste and Louis Lumière (Lumière Brother) of France is recognized as a symbol of the birth of modern cinema, America is quicker to react and dominate the film industry. America brought film function out of social and cultural vision, into the realm of entertainment and commercial.

In order for the industry to develop in a regular and directed manner, in 1908 the United States formed an agreement body called The Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC). MPPC made a legal agreement involving key stakeholders in the film industry, film distribution companies and all major film companies in America at the time. Also included was Eastman Kodak, based in New York and was the main holder of the rights to supply ribbon film material.

With this step, MPPC focused all its activities and established a standard how a Motion Picture production should be run. Furthermore, it also regulated the distribution and marketing strategy. All this was done to avoid any competition that was considered unnecessary. All the companies that were too small and did not join the main group were considered ‘Independent’.

The Internet is driving huge growth from the short film industry

Now is the era of Internet and “the virtual network between computers” is very encouraging the emergence of many new filmmakers with little capital. However, to make a film, the cost required is quite large and certainly larger than the average normal life requirement of a person in a month. Typically, amateur filmmakers are looking for money loans (to make their films) from direct payday lenders as they (the amateur makers) do not need to provide complicated requirements.

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