The Top Movie Roulette Scenes The Top Movie Roulette Scenes
Dubbed one of the most popular casino games around, Roulette provides edge of your seat entertainment for any level of bet, and it may... The Top Movie Roulette Scenes

Dubbed one of the most popular casino games around, Roulette provides edge of your seat entertainment for any level of bet, and it may be hard to believe, but Roulette is believed to date back to the 18th century France! A hugely popular game played around the globe, Roulette isn’t just a star of the online casino scene, nor the land-based casino scene, it is in fact the star of some extremely popular movies too! Drama, suspense and excitement based around the spinning of a wheel and a single ball make for the perfect scene in movies, but which movies?

The top unforgettable roulette scene in a movie goes to Diamonds are Forever, and this may surprise you, what with 007 being famed for his love of Baccarat and poker. In 1971, Sean Connery reprises the role of James Bond when a scene sees him enter the Whyte house Mansion Casino. Mr Bond takes part in many intense rounds of roulette as onlookers are treated to his unique strategy – read about it here, before the movie moves in other directions.

Helping Hand

The 1942 movie Casablanca couldn’t be further away from gambling if it tried. The old-style Hollywood movie was the very epitome of noire-film making, with a plot that was fast-moving as it was enjoyable. Humphrey Bogart played the role of Rick, a humble casino owner who hatches many a plan to help free people from German-occupied Casablanca during WWII, but despite the Academy Awards flooding in for Best Picture, Best Writing and Best Directing in 1944, the movie was remember for one particular scene: the casino scene. Rick, despite being the owner of the casino where his objectives are to win, he decides to rig the roulette wheel in order for two newlyweds to win. He ushers to the bride and groom to bet on number 22, but why? His plot to help people escape! The winnings the newlyweds had been handed (quite literally!), was used to purchase the necessary visas to escape Nazi occupation.

I Beg Your Pardon?

Indecent Proposal, the 1993 movie starring Demi Moore and Woody Harrison sees a newly married couple heading to Las Vegas in search of a life-changing win. Eyeing the roulette wheel, they decide to bet their entire lifesavings on red – a betting option that delivers a 50% chance of winning and a 50% chance of losing. Excitement fills the air. The ball is launched around the wheel and on-lookers are horrified for the pair when the ball lands in black. They not only lose their lifesavings, but their morals too! Robert Redford, a dashing billionaire decides to give this couple a shot at a new life together, but it will come at a price. The billionaire while playing roulette, gives the newlywed couple an offer they couldn’t possibly refuse; $1,000,000 to sleep with his new wife! The movie from here delivers plenty of twists, turns and memorable moments that many enjoy still to this day!

Pay Day

Set in the French Riviera, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels follows two con men as they land huge wins at casino venues. Michael Caine and Steve Martin play the roles surprisingly well, but their friendship is tested when both beet big in an attempt to attract the attention of the ladies. Betting big hands against each other – and winning, left fans and those who write reviews, wondering why they would want to pursue ‘one-time girls’ after such a wind-fall, but that’s a different story. Did you know, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was designed with David Bowie and Mick Jagger in mind, after the pair took to the streets with their hit “Dancing in the Street”. Also, the film is actually a remake of thee 1964 Bedtime Story, starring Marlon Brando (famed for his role in the Godfather), Davide Niven and Shirley Jones.

Fast-Paced Fun 

Run Lola Run, the 1998 German movie follows Franka Potente as Lola, a woman who needs to find a substantial sum of money within a 20-minute period to save her boyfriend’s life. To cut a long story short, he owes people some money and when he went to drop the cash, he got spooked by train ticket inspectors and he legged it, leaving the bag of cash behind. Lola tries to beg her dad – a bank manager (how apt!) for the money but overhears his conversation with his mistress; she’s pregnant. Lola is then told she is not his biological daughter and storms out. She eyes her boyfriend entering a grocery store with a gun – she follows, and they rob the premises and make off with the cash. It’s a movie based on her actions to save her partner, which then sees her entering a high stakes roulette game where she bets the entire sum on black number 20.


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