The ultimate Harry Potter A-Z for muggles The ultimate Harry Potter A-Z for muggles
It’s no secret that the wizarding world of Harry Potter has fired up the imaginations of countless children and adults alike. With so many... The ultimate Harry Potter A-Z for muggles

It’s no secret that the wizarding world of Harry Potter has fired up the imaginations of countless children and adults alike.

With so many of us wanting to experience the magic firsthand, a Warner Bros Studio Tour is on many bucket lists, but Muggles (non-magical folk), beware! You really need to know your stuff to get the most out of a tour, which is why we’re bringing you this ultimate A-Z of all things Harry Potter.

A is for Albus. As in Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts. Eccentric yet beloved, his study can be explored during a tour.

B is for Basilisk. If you see a huge metal door covered in slithering beasts, you might not want to go through in case this giant mythological snake attacks!

C is for Centaurs. You won’t want to miss a walk through the Forbidden Forest exhibit, but be careful – centaurs live there and don’t always like humans!

D is for Dementors. Feeding on the happiness of people, these creepy ghouls could be lurking on the Hogwarts Express, so be sure to have your Patronus charm perfected.

E is for Eeylops Owl Emporium. For those wanting to choose a winged familiar, this Diagon Alley shop is a must. Harry bought Hedwig here!

F is for Firebolt. Sporting fanatics will love taking a closer look at the super-fast broomstick that helped Harry to become a Quidditch champion, just like his dad.

G is for Galleons. The currency of the wizarding world, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of galleon alternatives in your pockets before you hit the studio shop!

H is for Hogwarts, of course. The premier school of witchcraft and wizardry, it welcomes students from around the globe and sorts them into one of four houses before completing their magical training.

I is for Invisibility cloak. A gift to Harry, the cloak allowed for much mischief to be managed and it can be seen in person, as part of the costumes exhibit.

J is for Jelly Slugs. A favourite sweet treat for students, you might find something similar in the studio shop (near the chocolate frogs)!

K is for Kreacher. The Black family’s house-elf, he is a treacherous and mean little servant who shouldn’t be trusted. Stick to Dobby!

L is for Luna Lovegood. Everybody’s favourite Ravenclaw, Luna is quirky and sweet and plays a major part in the ultimate defeat of he-who-must-not-be-named.

M is for Ministry of Magic. The centre for all things official and the scene of a cataclysmic magical battle. The art-deco tiled walls have been beautifully recreated as part of the tour. What an Instagram opportunity!

N is for Nagini. If you think the Basilisk sounds scary, you haven’t met Nagini yet. The Dark Lord’s pet, she is never far from his side, but what secrets does she possess?

O is for Ollivanders. The only place for new students to buy their wands. Remember, it’s the wand that chooses the owner when you search for your name in the wand-room exhibit.

P is for Parseltongue. The ability to talk to snakes is a very Slytherin trait, though Harry himself has it, too. If you can understand the hissing, perhaps we already know which house you would be sorted into!

Q is for Quidditch. Forget football, as Quidditch is the only sport of note at Hogwarts. Played up in the air, on broomsticks, anyone that’s anyone is on their house team – Ron Weasley included!

R is for Remembrall. A clever little device that fills with red smoke when you’ve forgotten something important. If you don’t have one, perhaps you should write a list of all the things you want to see during your tour.

S is for Sirius. Harry’s misunderstood but heroic godfather that sadly dies trying to protect him. Prepare to cry a little when you see his costumes! We love you, Padfoot!

T is for Triwizard Tournament. A seminal event that brings all the magical schools together in a competition of skill to win a crystal trophy. The cup, which was used as a portkey in the books, can be seen in person during your tour.

U is for Umbridge. Dolores Umbridge, while utterly deplorable and cruel, did enjoy a spectacularly pretty office at Hogwarts. You can see it for yourself, complete with kitten wall plates!

V is for Voldemort. The most evil wizard that ever lived and arch-nemesis to Harry. We don’t want to dignify him with our attention!

W is for Weasleys. Harry’s unofficial adopted magical family. Ron is his best friend and he eventually goes on to marry Ginny, the younger sister. You might be tempted to take up knitting, once you’ve seen the handmade jumpers that Molly made for the boys!

X is for (e)Xpelliarmus. The disarming charm that Harry teaches all of Dumbledore’s Army ahead of fighting for their lives against Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Y is for You-Know-Who. Not everyone is comfortable saying the Dark Lord’s name, so they use this phrase instead. A LOT.

Z is for Zonko’s. The ultimate joke shop, found in the wizarding town of Hogsmeade. You might just find some Zonko’s-inspired memorabilia in the studio shop at the end of your tour.

Now that you know everything about Harry Potter, you can book a magical studio tour today without any fear of being referred to as a Muggle!

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