Tips on Designing a Cozy Home Theater Tips on Designing a Cozy Home Theater
Nothing can compare to the joy of watching a movie at your own home theatre. You do not have to rush to movie halls... Tips on Designing a Cozy Home Theater

Nothing can compare to the joy of watching a movie at your own home theatre. You do not have to rush to movie halls and wait in the traffic. Just chill down and enjoy the movie with your loved ones. 

Before you can have an awesome cinematic experience right at your place you need to design the home theatre. It’s easier said than done. You need to do research and then plan things up so that you get a desirable home theatre at your place. Here are few tips to help you out.


Choose the room first

Most important thing is to choose the right room. Most people watch television in their living room, but it has windows. When you want to set up home theater windows will let light seep in and the experience will fade away. Thus, it is important to choose a place without any window. The best place can be your basement. You can rewire it properly and there are no windows and only a single door! 

Height and ceiling and sound proofing

After selecting the place for home theatre it’s necessary to check the height of the ceiling. Even though the basement will not have too much height, it is good enough. Just make sure you have the LED screen and the projector placed at the right place.

Next concern should be the sound. Others should not get disturbed by the sound when you watch any movie. Thus, make sure that the walls are soundproof. You can have laminate flooring, but above it place a plush carpet wherever possible so that it absorbs sound. Even heavy curtains also absorb sound. 


Lighting is most important

You cannot avoid lighting in the roof. You must not keep any glass as it will reflect light and will take away the fun of watching movies. Glasses will even tend to echo the sound. So it’s better to avoid them. You had chosen the basement as it doesn’t have any windows. Even if you choose a room with a window , make sure that you black out the window glasses so that no light can enter.

Even coloring the walls will also affect your viewing experience. You may be tempted to choose a bright color, but that will not help much! It’s better to have black walls as the walls will absorb extra light in the room. 

To end it

Apart from the ones mentioned you will also require a projector, wiring a wireless network. You can take any professional help for setting these up. The final view should be something where you love to bite on popcorn while watching your favorite movie.

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