Top 10 Movies About Gambling Top 10 Movies About Gambling
Gambling culture is popular throughout the world; in fact, this has been the case for ages. Many spheres of human life, including the movie... Top 10 Movies About Gambling

Gambling culture is popular throughout the world; in fact, this has been the case for ages. Many spheres of human life, including the movie industry, have embraced this culture. After all, we all know that gambling can produce heart-stopping thrills and the best movies capture the roller-coaster nature of gamblers perfectly.

Below are some of the best-ever movies about the world of gambling.


Mike McDermott (Matt Damon), is a law student and a poker expert who has a dream of winning the World Series of Poker. However, he blows $30,000 after losing an underground poker game to Teddy, a member of the Russian mob. When an old friend (Edward Norton) is released from prison the stakes are raised and Mike is playing for his life.


Sam Rothstein is sent to manage a Las Vegas casino on behalf of the mafia. His business earns the casino enormous profits, prompting the mob leaders to send additional protection. Robert de Niro and Sharon Stone provide the star power, although Joe Pesci steals the show as mafia boss Nicky Santoro.

Waking Ned

Jackie O’Shea, his wife Annie, and their friend, Michael O’Sullivan, set out to find who among their fellow villagers had won the Irish National Lottery. They obtain the list of lottery players from the local post office and invite them to dinner. After the meeting, Jackie visits the only absentee, Ned Devine, and much chaotic hilarity follows.

Ocean’s Eleven

Danny Ocean, an ex-convict, connects with an old friend to rob casinos belonging to the man responsible for his sentencing.  This modern classic in the heist-movie genre sees George Clooney at the height of his powers, ably supported by a star-studded cast.


Inability to raise the $300,000 tuition fee required to join the Harvard Medical School forces Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) to apply for the highly coveted Robinson Scholarship. Campbell’s prowess in Math prompts his professor, Micky Rosa, to enrol him to his blackjack team. The crack team is trained up under Rosa’s tutelage in preparation for an attempt to beat the house at a Vegas casino.

Casino Royale

British spy, James Bond, goes on his first mission as agent 007, armed with a license to kill. That mission takes place in Madagascar, and when Bond (Daniel Craig) discovers that Le Chiffre – banker to terrorists – plans to raise funds in a high-stakes poker tournament then 007 has to get a seat at the table.

The Gambler

Axel Freed is a college professor who is addicted to gambling. Despite winning big, Freed loses all the money because he can’t count cards. Mark Wahlberg is the ‘gambler’ of the movies title, and this serves as a cautionary tale to anyone who enjoys placing a wager.

The Cincinnati Kid

Rookie poker player Eric Stoner offers to challenge Lancey Howard, a veteran player and reigning poker champ. The Kid (played by Steve McQueen) takes on The Man (Edward G. Robinson) in a tense and thrilling movie from start to finish.

The Sting

Two con men, Henry Gondorff and Johnny Hooker, target a wealthy criminal boss who loves gambling. The two fake an arrest to facilitate this mission with the aid of Hickey, a friend who disguised as Lt. Snyder.

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