Top 5 Movies for Entrepreneurs Top 5 Movies for Entrepreneurs
Launching a business is hard. Entrepreneurs face lots of difficulties on their way to success. However, sometimes even those who dream big cannot achieve... Top 5 Movies for Entrepreneurs

Launching a business is hard. Entrepreneurs face lots of difficulties on their way to success. However, sometimes even those who dream big cannot achieve their dream, and only those who do their best and get lucky make their companies as big as Netflix or TonyBet UK. Do you also want to launch a company but don’t know how to start? Then watch these movies.

Ford v Ferrari

Ford Corporation’s top management and Henry Ford II plan to switch from reliable but boring retirement cars to producing high-speed models for a younger audience. And they decide neither more nor less – to win the 24-hour race at Le Mans against Ferrari, the trendsetters of racing fashion.

It takes a new car and a genius driver to win: so the pioneering designer Carroll Shelby and reckless racer Ken Miles appear in the picture. Together they build the legendary Ford GT40 sports car, and not without difficulties they go to victory.

The biography of famous race car driver Ken Miles in this stylish retro drama is not only a story of his love for speed and cars, but also a story about different approaches to management and delegation in large corporations.

First Cow

A cook named Cookie travels through the West in the 1820s. In one of the new settlements he decides to settle down, and there he strikes up a friendship with an immigrant from China. The local landowner has a cow from which they take milk and bake a batch of cookies. The residents like the cookies, and the characters think about starting a business.

If you want to open a bakery, pastry shop, or coffee shop but are stopped by the potential difficulties, watch this meditative and beautifully filmed account of the American dream during the conquest of the continent.

Duell der Brüder – Die Geschichte von Adidas und Puma

In the 1920s the shoemaker Adolf Dassler invented innovative soccer boots, and his brother Rudolf started to sell them successfully. Thus was born the Dassler brothers’ company of athletic footwear, which by the early 1940s had successfully captured the German market.

Over time the brothers began to have personal differences that intensified during World War II, and the balance between the creativity of new models and sales growth became increasingly difficult to maintain. By the 1950s the brothers had become irreconcilable competitors, and Adidas and Puma became the major sports brands of the coming decades.

The film is sure to appeal to those who are interested in the history of the world’s brands and want to understand the complicated family business.


Single mother Joy Mangano lives out her days in household chores, trying to settle quarrels in her wayward family and being angry about an inconvenient mop. On the advice of her best friend, she invents a new self-extracting mop, tries to set up production and make her way to the market without the help of television.

The path of an entrepreneur is not easy, but Joy gets help from her family and becomes the founder of a business dynasty. The motivating picture with Jennifer Lawrence in the title role will be close to everyone who wants to change lives, start a business and invent a new product.

The Big Short

Four financial analysts independently of each other predict the global economic crisis of 2008 and decide to capitalize on it by challenging the financial system. The Wall Street sharks do not believe that the seemingly stable mortgage market can collapse, invest in pyramid schemes – and pay the price for their thirst for profit.

The dynamic picture from Oscar, BAFTA, and Emmy winner Adam McKay not only shows the underside of the financial market and the operation of exchange mechanisms.

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