Top 6 best casino movies Top 6 best casino movies
Games on the verge of foul, dynamic action and crazy money! The theme of gambling in ดูหนังออนไลน์ cinema is in demand and loved by... Top 6 best casino movies

Games on the verge of foul, dynamic action and crazy money! The theme of gambling in ดูหนังออนไลน์ cinema is in demand and loved by the audience. Your attention is the TOP 6 movies about the casino, which is certainly worth a look.

Ocean’s Thirteen

In the final part of the cult-favorite trilogy, Ocean gathers his team again – the guys will commit the biggest robbery in the history of the casino. Soderbergh once again managed to shoot a dynamic movie, where the denouement comes at the last moment. Despite the fact that the tape refers to criminal dramas, the film is full of funny moments, and in general, the movie looks very easy.

Casino Royale

In this part of the “Bond movie,” the legendary agent demonstrates his phenomenal mental abilities in the casino. In this film, there are scenes in gambling houses, as in other tapes of our rating, but still, they are worth your attention. The main role was played by Daniel Craig, who is considered one of the best actors who played James bond. One of the most successful parts of the 007 Film was directed by Martin Campbell.


Young and promising lawyer Mike (Matt Damon) has always dreamed of going to Las Vegas to play at the WSOP Main Event. He was a good poker player and made a living. But in the underground institutions of New York, he used to play by special rules.

His friend, an adventurer, named “worm” (Edward Norton), never liked to play fairly. In addition, he had 5 days to pay a long-standing debt – $15 thousand. As a result, old friends had no choice but to start an unfair game!

This picture is also notable for the fact that it had a cameo role played by two-time world champion poker Johnny Chen, who was the idol of our hero.


This is probably the most famous movie about blackjack. Ben is a young gifted mathematician who tries to find money to study. Soon he finds himself in command “counters,” which is due to the ability to count cards, and certain secret gestures successfully ripped off a large Vegas casino. The necessary money for training Ben fulfills very quickly, but to get out of the game was not so easy.

Ocean’s Eleven

Our top includes two films of the trilogy about “Ocean’s Friends” because the theme of the casino robbery is revealed most widely there. As it often happens, the first film is the most successful, and “Ocean’s Eleven Friends” was no exception. A team of scammers is coming together for the first time to steal $160 million from the largest gambling houses in Las Vegas.


The film, which was directed by Martin Scorsese, and even with such a stellar composition, simply had no right to fail. Let’s be brief – this is, without a doubt, the best casino movie ever made! Legendary Sharon Stone received a prestigious award for the title role in the film – a Golden globe. The film, which intertwined Mafiosi gangsters, casinos and a lot of money, definitely worth your attention.

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