Top Games To Get You Prepped For Game Night Top Games To Get You Prepped For Game Night
We all love a good Game Night, and we all love the feeling of winning…especially when it’s against a smug friend who seems to... Top Games To Get You Prepped For Game Night

We all love a good Game Night, and we all love the feeling of winning…especially when it’s against a smug friend who seems to win. Every. Single. Time.

Some games, though, are guaranteed to get you more riled up than others. Our competitive side likes to wreak havoc occasionally, and however hard we try, we can’t help but let it loose once in a while!

Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) know this feeling all too well in Game Night, where things take an unexpected turn when their weekly game night becomes a murder mystery party. As six uber-competitive friends set out to solve the case they start to wonder…is it more than a game?

There isn’t a family or group of friends who hasn’t been affected by Monopoly at some point. A classic board game known the world over for getting people deeply competitive, maybe disagree about the rules, and fall out because somebody was hiding cash under the board (you know who you are!) Some people have never finished a game – but it doesn’t stop them from trying.

If you dream of world domination and have a few hours (or days) on your hands, then you’d be a fool not to be up for a game of Risk! Plot against your mates, act strategically, and take over the world to win. You’re in this for the long-haul and you fully intend to emerge victorious.

Pair up and get your thinking caps on, it’s time for a classic Christmas party game. Charades is a great activity for big groups and spontaneous Game Nights – there’ll be yelling, there’ll be over-the-top gesturing, and there’ll be trouble if Auntie Pat doesn’t step up her guessing game.

Obama Llama
A test of speed, memory… and basic rhyming skills.
Take the pain of being partnered up with someone who’s rubbish at charades and add an extra layer to it in Obama Llama with the necessity of rhyming answers. You’ll be shouting all kinds of rubbish to try and find the answer, and you can guarantee there’ll be one player who can’t quite grasp the rhyming element, so you’d better hope they’re not on your team!

Cards Against Humanity
The modern classic for grown-up Game Nights, Cards Against Humanity tests your cultural knowledge as well as your own sense of humour, which is guaranteed to get a group hyped up with its outrageous outcomes. If you win, that technically makes you the funniest of the group – and who doesn’t want to be told they’re hilarious?!

Trying to psych out your friends while they make a risky move in Jenga is a very important part of the process. Everyone holds their breath while the tower wobbles…. And when it finally falls the room erupts. Add an extra edge to the game with dares written on the blocks and you’ve got a guaranteed cut-throat atmosphere; you’ll be praying for yourself while rooting for the downfall of others.

Grab a deck of cards and prepare to lie through your teeth. If you’re caught it’s all over, but if you get away with the bluff you could win it all. To win simply get rid of all your cards, but as they can only be played after cards of higher or lower value you can face trouble when you get down to the last few in your hand. Poker has nothing on this family-friendly game of deception, which will make your parents wonder where you got such a great (or terrible) talent for fibbing.

A good murder mystery will fire up anybody’s imagination as much as their competitive side, and while not as intense as Game Night’s “fake” kidnapping, Cluedo still gets you into that detective mindset that we all know and love, you’ll be sucked into the gameplay as you work your way around the board, investigating the murder of Dr Black.

You can check out two hilarious clips from Game Night below.

Game Night is out in UK cinemas this Friday, March 2.

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