Turning Your Tablet into an Entertainment Center Turning Your Tablet into an Entertainment Center
Your tablet can be so much more than what it is now. If you have an idea what to do with it, it can... Turning Your Tablet into an Entertainment Center

Your tablet can be so much more than what it is now. If you have an idea what to do with it, it can do real work as repurposed sidekicks for your PC. Think of your tablet as bonus touchscreen display and you’ll begin to see numerous possibilities. It just needs to be plugged in, wiped of unneeded apps and notifications, and it’s ready to serve as desktop companions. Here are some of the best ways to reuse your tablet and take it to whole other level.

  1. Turn your tablet into a second monitor

One simple way to get some extra mileage out of your tablet is to turn it into a dedicated PC monitor. Even with just 7-inch tablet, you can use the extra screen to keep an eye on instant messages, email, or various social networks. If you’re working with photos, video or music, the second screen could even serve as a great and valuable space for toolbars. It’s also an easy second screen to pack up and take with you.

  1. Use your phone as an air mouse or dictation tool

If you need a break from hunching over your desk, a spare tablet can serve as a touchscreen mouse for your PC. All you need is a remote mouse app that connects with a companion desktop app over WI-FI. On your tablet, Mobile Mouse is a fine option that supports gestures such as two-finger scrolling. You can add gyroscopic air mouse controls by upgrading to the $2 Pro version.

  1. Add retro games

To play games on a TV, download programs simply called emulators (versions of old arcade and console platforms) to the Android device from Google Play. Then find compatible game files (called ROMs) by searching the Web. A great gaming option would be Fabulous bingo which is a huge hit in the online gaming world lately. One of the most popular arcade genres from back in the day was The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is still very popular. Also, the long-running Final Fantasy series truly found mainstream success with its 1st 3D title and would be a great option for your tablet as well.

  1. Add a wireless game controller

A Wiimote or Sixaxis controller can serve as a remote for watching movies, viewing photos, or listening to music from the Android device (as well as playing games). Your tablet must have Bluetooth, and it must be rooted. Rooting instructions are available at Lifehacker or on the XDA-Developers forum. Once rooted, go to Google Play and install Wii Controller IME ($3) or Sixaxis Controller ($2), and then pair the controller with the device and assign functions to each button.

  1. Turn your tablet into a full-blown command center

With a little effort and a few bucks, your tablet can be much more than just an extra track pad. The touch screen can also quickly launch applications and execute commands faster than you can point and click with a mouse. iPad users should definitely check out Actions, a $5 app that lets you create buttons for all the things you do most on your PC. You can quickly launch a new window in Chrome, expose the desktop, open the search bar, or control media playback. Just install the companion server app for Windows or Mac and start shaving the minutes off your work routine.

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