TV Series With the Coolest Romantic Plots 2018 TV Series With the Coolest Romantic Plots 2018
The end of the year is the time for summing things up. All of us, as well as what surrounds us, have passed the... TV Series With the Coolest Romantic Plots 2018

The end of the year is the time for summing things up. All of us, as well as what surrounds us, have passed the test of time – now we can confidently choose the best and most popular things that happened this year. Of course, we all are most interested in which films and TV shows were the most popular in 2018. But we decided to narrow down the search criteria a bit and make a selection of TV shows with the most entertaining and cool romantic stories. On cold winter evenings, such series are the tastiest and effective remedy for boredom and sadness. In this compilation, there will be both melodramas in their pure form and series of other genres where the romantic plot plays an important role. Enjoy!


Counterpart is something between Homeland and Fringe. It’s a spy detective story with a strong science fiction component. At the peak of the Cold War, during one of the complex scientific experiments, something went wrong, and a passage between our universe and its exact copy opened in East Berlin. Up to this point, the lives of people in both universes proceeded in exactly the same way, but with the advent of the passage, their destinies begin to change. The main character of the series, Howard Silk, is a sad civil servant working in a dull state institution who is not quite clear what he is doing, and his counterpart from a parallel universe is a confident, handsome agent. Together, the two Howards must stop a mysterious assassin who got from a parallel world into ours with terrible intentions. Against this background, Howard is trying to deal with his complex and ambiguous personal life.


Alex Goodman, the son of Russian immigrants associated with the mafia, received an excellent education in private educational institutions in England. For a long time, the guy has been trying to get rid of the shadow of the criminal past of his family, build his own legal business, create a happy family with his chosen one Rebecca, and simply enjoy life. But after some time, the past overtakes him, threatening to destroy everything he so diligently built.

An unexpected murder forces Alex to delve into the world of international crime, accept the rules of its game, and oppose himself to the principles and values ​​that exist within the criminal system in order to protect relatives and people close to him. Will our hero be able to stand against the ruthless criminal machine?

This is a brilliant crime drama, with an exciting and thoughtful love line that promises to brighten up even the longest winter evenings.


Bookstore manager Joe was convinced that he knew people very well. To understand what a particular person was, he only had to look at what books he was going to buy.

Once at work, Joe meets Gwen who is genuinely interested in him. First, the guy carefully looks at her accounts in social networks and then begins to follow her. Even when Joe learns that she has a lover, this fact does not stop him; he continues to pursue the girl. The hero’s interest quickly turns into obsession, and when Gwen reciprocates his love, Joe begins to plan their future together where there is no place for people who can destroy it.

Love is an obsession. Cruel, blind, and jealous. If you miss such a harsh interpretation of love, you will definitely like this series!

The Handmaid’s Tale

This is a story about life in the near future, in the fictional republic of Gilead, formed on the territory of the former United States. The power in the country passed to a radical religious group that established frightening rules: free women were deprived of everything they had and sent to the Maid camps. In this future, only one of the hundreds of women can conceive and give birth to a healthy child, so that the maidservants must, against their will, fulfill the role of surrogate mothers for the children of senior officers. The main character Offred (the property of officer Fred) decides to go against the system.

Love and passion (and there are plenty of both in this series, as well as on this site where you can meet women online) under the conditions of a totalitarian system… What could be more interesting?


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