UK Gambling Industry: How It Managed to Grow Further in The Last Two Years UK Gambling Industry: How It Managed to Grow Further in The Last Two Years
The pandemic has surely taken a toll on many businesses and industries but it has affected online gambling differently. In the UK, the Gambling... UK Gambling Industry: How It Managed to Grow Further in The Last Two Years

The pandemic has surely taken a toll on many businesses and industries but it has affected online gambling differently. In the UK, the Gambling Commission has seen growth in the industry in the last two years which means that despite a global health crisis, the people in the country have gambled more than usual.

Last year, the UKGC reported that the total GGY for the industry during the half-year reporting period which was from April to September 2020 was £5.9 billion. The report showed that online gambling is what accounts for 52.3 percent of the GGY which is at £3.1 billion. When broken down further, casino games like slots and blackjack online are dominating the online gambling sector with a GGY of £1.9 billion.

Meanwhile, other forms of gambling like non-remote betting have the third largest sector of the industry within the same period and it has a GGY of £629.3 million. The UKGC noted that this sector has been declining for the last six reporting period. Other forms of gambling that make up the whole industry in the UK include lotteries, bingo, and other adult gaming centers.

The UK People are Gambling More Than Ever

NerdWallet has recently released a report on how Brits are gambling more than they did before the pandemic. The report revealed that around two-fifths of frequent gamblers have increased their gambling activities since the pandemic.

According to the report, people in the UK who have been gambling more regularly before the pandemic have found themselves gambling even more during the pandemic too. NerdWallet noted that this trend is going to last even after pandemic-related gambling restrictions are lifted in the UK. 62 percent of respondents said that their gambling activities are to remain the same and 12 percent said that they even gamble more.

A personal finance expert at NerdWallet commented on this trend and said, “With a lack of distraction over the tough months of lockdown, it appears that people have found it much harder to manage their gambling, and the habits developed during the last 18 or so months have been difficult to unwind even as the UK opens up.”

Despite this, 43 percent of the respondents who are gambling at least once a month are wishing to reduce their gambling habits. 57 percent of the respondents who gamble daily also want to do the same but 42 percent of them have expressed that they have no idea how they would go about it.

Campbell also talked about this and said, “It speaks to the ongoing importance of Safer Gambling Awareness Week that so many wish to reduce their gambling, but either doesn’t know how to use the tools out there to help them or are completely unaware of them. This is especially true at a time when households will be feeling financial pressures from all directions, be it climbing energy costs, rising food prices, or the impending increase in national insurance.”

Online Casino Trends in the UK

With online casinos dominating the UK gambling industry, many trends are starting to arise and one of these is mobile gambling. These days, more and more people are starting to rely on their mobile devices or smartphones to do most of their activities including gambling.

Smartphones enable players to access online casinos at any time and anywhere they are. This makes gambling so accessible. It’s evident that the mobile market is the present and future of the online gambling industry now that the majority of the reputable casinos and bookies have their native apps.

Aside from living casino gaming. It is a sector of online casino gaming wherein players get to play live casino games with a live dealer and players from around the world.  It is the preference of people who’d like to experience close-to-reality casino gaming online wherever they are.

Some of the games that people can play at live casinos are poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. A live casino game is set up in a specially equipped studio with cameras and sensors that track the movements of the dealer. As a player, you get to have different excellent views of the casino table.

With the current trend, online casino gaming will likely continue to dominate the gambling market in the country. However, it’s also worth pointing out that the UKGC has been implementing stricter rules when it comes to iGaming. The UKGC may have more regulations in store when it comes to limiting online gambling ads and imposing betting limits but this may not significantly negatively curb the industry’s growth.

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