Video Email – The Future of Communication Video Email – The Future of Communication
Video communication is an important part of the community culture in the age of advancing technology. In this article, there will be an elaborate... Video Email – The Future of Communication

Video communication is an important part of the community culture in the age of advancing technology. In this article, there will be an elaborate breakdown of why is this so. Studies have found that 90% of employees want to communicate using video for their internal communication. Nowadays many companies are gradually updating with various visual contents and adding on video email and other relevant features as new forms of communication in their offices.

When you choose a video email to use, you have three different possibilities. Those are:

  1. Video Text Link

We often see text links pointing to videos on the internet. A link is a group of numbers and inconsequential symbols that make very little sense unless you have prepared the link with something catchy to draw attention in the first place.

  1. Video Thumbnail

Thumbnail is a picture when you click to see a video. It is an ultimate play button for videos on the internet. When you press the button, it opens up the email and plays the email effortlessly. When you use video thumbnails, it will increase the response rate 5-10 times as compared to the standard text link. It even helps to get a higher ranking on Google.

  1. Video within the Email

Many email companies still send emails along with a video. This is a good side but it can be intrusive and annoying too. When you open up an email and see a video to play, it can make you irritated as it turns out to be an invasion of your private space. Those videos in email mostly play with a plug-in of extension.

There are several reasons that including video in an email has become a usual practice in the workplace. Most of the internet users watch videos more often today. They automatically get to see the videos while scrolling their news feed on Facebook, or Instagram or even they search for tutorials on YouTube. When you’re done editing videos and add a video link in your email, it will have a higher rate of being clicked upon for viewing compared to the emails that you send with no video links. There are some things that need to be discussed in detail over here. Let’s jump into them.

  • The communication through videos helps to eliminate problems within your company amongst both employers and employees. Engaging employees who are too bored and busy on what the company has to deliver is the most daunting t6ask that communicators face. The video comes in handy in this case. People love to watch the video of a live seminar on social media like Facebook than having to attend it first-hand. In fact, people are prone to browse videos on YouTube over any meaningful task in hand.
  • When you send emails to your employees in the company about a very important task, how do you usually make sure that your employee has opened up the email from your cubicle unless you send a reminder to them? But when you communicate through a video, it will make your sure that your message has been delivered properly and at the exact time you wanted. It will also help you analyze how they received the video, for how long they watched the video. You can see how well your content is being accepted by the employees because all these data ultimately allowing you to. We also call it the digital body language. It can give you a true insight into the time people are engaged seriously.
  • Employees and employers both are afraid of using video as the mode of communication amongst themselves as it leaves them a chance of being exposed. The company may lose a lot of its confidential data if the video falls into the wrong hands and becomes viral. It could even shut the company owners in every way possible. But there is always a solution. You can share the video embedded into the Intranet page. You can also tackle this issue by sharing the videos in pages compatible with the Intranet security settings.
  • If you want to transmit vital information more quickly and have it not been forgotten, use video email communication. Learners love to learn with visual contents, they love to watch something better than reading about it from the text. As a result of this, people can absorb the maximum information that is being conveyed through eh video content.
  • Employees had no chance to share their opinion on the matter properly when they were bound to receive messages, goals, etc. via board meetings, phone calls or fax. Now it is totally changed with the arrival of video as communication. Nowadays, the employees can raise their voices sharing opinions, involve in a two-day discussion with their senior employers/colleagues. When the employees use the video, he can call on to action he wants his employees to take at that moment – he asks for feedback on a specific issue of the ongoing discussion.

In case if you don’t know, videos are more fun and interesting. Your employees can focus more on what you have in store for them because videos tell less and show more. Online text messages, videos don’t need much attention to pay to understand. It will help the viewers to learn faster. It will even engage them on a more intuitive level. A video email can help us to connect with ideas through visual storytelling. In a nutshell, we have built to appreciate video in a way that we can never appreciate text messages the same. Hence proved, video email is the future of communication.

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