What Do Tribute Acts Have To Offer Live Music? What Do Tribute Acts Have To Offer Live Music?
Unlike in the past when tribute bands were relegated to third-tier performers who played in bars for little more than free beer, today, the... What Do Tribute Acts Have To Offer Live Music?

Unlike in the past when tribute bands were relegated to third-tier performers who played in bars for little more than free beer, today, the landscape has changed, and tribute bands have become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. While most of the famous tribute bands in the bygone era paid homage to retro rock tracks that dated back to the 60s and 70s, the variety has exploded to incorporate modern-era acts that thrill revelers from all generations. Scour through your local gig listing, and you’ll find that tribute bands are headlining more shows as the original acts.

While many of the tribute bands out there may or may not have their compositions, they try their best to adapt the mannerism, style and musical prowess of their idols and their success is contingent upon how well they can replicate the experience of the original band. Although many people did tributes for fun, lately, the idea has taken a turn to become an ambitious venture that can see crowds turn up to hear faux belt out musical hits.

Today, tribute bands are at the helm of the live music entertainment with some even having the capacity to fill prominent event centers such as the 02 and the Wembley Arena. Although most people accuse tribute bands of riding on the fame and glory of the real artists, they have become a boon for the music industry. This piece tries to put together the reasons as to why tribute bands are benefiting the music industry.

1. Most of them perform old hits which is what most fans love

Nothing sells more than something that helps you reminisce the good days or gives you some nostalgic experience. Although the industry has witnessed a Renaissance of new tribute bands in the last couple of years, we all understand that most of them focus on the hits produced between the 80s and 000s. By mashing up today’s musical technology with these sweet retro vibes, the bands create a kind of feeling that is hard to miss for many live music fans. As times go by, there a rising demand for music from the 90s and 000s and every event organizer knows that having a band that plays hit songs from this era will attract a large crowd.

2. They are filling in the gap left by popular bands and musicians

With the deaths of high profile musicians such as Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Phil Taylor from Motorhead, Lemmy and The Eagles guitarists Glen Frey among others, as well as band breakups, such as Crosby, there is a rise in demand for musicians who can pay homage to these legends. Since it has become a norm for the death of an artist to spark a surge in their popularity, tribute bands are becoming an essential lot to fill the spot left by these top musicians. With fans showing extra interest in fallen music icons, tribute bands are taking up the mantle by delivering outstanding performances that help fans reconnect with the defunct music maestros. You won’t be surprised to find a musical group in your local bar dressed up like Michael Jackson and doing the Moon Walk dance with utmost perfection.

Additionally, since most of the popular brands in the world have their sequels, music fans won’t be affected by any band feuds or split-ups. Tribute bands allow revelers to relish entertainment thrills that would be difficult to see if the original bands disintegrate.

3. It is less costly to hire tribute bands

With the entertainment industry becoming pricier every day, it is becoming a daunting task for event organizers to host entertainment functions with some of the renowned musicians and bands. However, tribute bands are providing an alternative since they have the potential to attract thousands of fans at a relatively lower cost. However, a1startributes.com warns against treating tribute bands as cheap knock-offs since they are not only there to act as parodies, but they also invest their time and voice skills to deliver performances that might even surpass those of the original composers.

Besides, tribute bands are also good for business. Event organizers can partner with tribute bands to headline word-class shows without chocking exorbitant booking fees. They won’t demand five-star treatment or up-class venues, and thus ticket prices will be lower. Also, the risks associated with tribute bands are also minimal as compared to hiring new or mid-size bands. While tribute bands perform famous tracks that most people can sing along, medium-sized bands may perform original songs that are not familiar. This may lead to a boring event which might not be suitable for business in the line of live entertainment.

Tribute bands are the closest you can get to the real thing

While several event organizers would want a renowned live band to perform at their event, the chances of getting them are close to impossible due to many reasons. First and foremost, most of the renowned groups have a yearly-log event schedule booked beforehand. So if you failed to make your contact early enough, it would be impossible to get them to grace your show.

Secondly, bands are faced with constant feuds, and it may be impossible to have them when they are in such a situation. Tribute bands provide something that never existed. When event organizers fail to secure the booking of a particular musical group beforehand, they can turn to tribute bands, and who knows, they might bring the house down with spectacular performances that may transcend even the original acts.

With the presence of tribute bands attracting positivity and negativity in equal measures, it is becoming harder to know where the crowd stands. However, with the surging popularity of tribute shows in recent days, it is crystal clear that fans are warming up to tribute bands every day. At such a time when famous bands are pricing themselves out of what many fans can afford, and older bands are increasingly becoming inactive, it is understandable why many music lovers are gravitating towards the tribute band scene.

Additionally, there is a growing sense of nostalgia among the new generation and persistent dissatisfaction with the type of music being pumped out these days. So, as we look into the future, we should be prepared to embrace tribute acts as a source of entertainment without considering it as competition to the already established live bands. Furthermore, the fans are the ones who dictate the type of performances they want.

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