What to Do in Tbilisi in Bad Weather? What to Do in Tbilisi in Bad Weather?
What to Do in Tbilisi in Bad Weather? What to do if you come to Tbilisi, and bad weather happened there? Just a little... What to Do in Tbilisi in Bad Weather?

What to Do in Tbilisi in Bad Weather?

What to do if you come to Tbilisi, and bad weather happened there? Just a little change in the rest plan! Look at places where the weather is not important. The choice is quite large: Tiflis baths, wine bars, restaurants, gambling complex Storm International by Michael Boettcher, museums and even quest rooms.

The famous sulfur baths of Tiflis have warmed many hearts already. Recently, after a long renovation, the magnificent Pistoia banya (it is Blue) has opened. The one that looks like a mosque. The rooms are chic, the terms are clean, prices are not much more expensive than everywhere else.

Georgian wines is a full landmark of the country. Look and try to find your own. Be sure to try the wines made according to the traditional technology in the kvevri jars. They differ from European in saturation and tannins – the most in bad weather. Moreover, such wines are exported in a little amount outside of Georgia, so you need to try them here.

Where to try Georgian wines? Everywhere. If you walk along Leselidze (Kote Aphazi), you will meet ten wine shops. That’s what you will like- they are everywhere.

A bonus to the wineries is the cheese shops. You will not find homemade suluguni in them, but you will try rare noble cheeses. Yes, there are such in Georgia.

Travelers write a lot about Georgian cuisine. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in Tbilisi in different format and for any taste. A lot of pleasant places for gatherings. Some restaurants have a dress code, be careful. Georgian songs and dances can be observed in many restaurants in the city.

The best casino in Tbilisi is a great place to visit on a rainy day. This is actually not just a casino, but an entertainment complex – Shangri La, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. In addition to popular games and slots, there is a magnificent restaurant with windows overlooking the famous Bridge of Peace and the river.

Now about the spiritual food. Tbilisi has more than 60 museums. Unlikely you won’t visit all of them, but you will surely find “your own” place. However, some are definitely should pay your attention. Do not forget that on Mondays museums doesn’t work.

National Museum of Georgia, 3 Rustaveli Ave. This is the country’s main museum. There are many interesting things, a large collection of antiquities: clothes, weapons, coins, decorations and ceramics of the II century BC. There are many archaeological finds here – the famous ancient human remains of Homo ergaste (2 million years) are also stored here.

National Gallery (Blue Gallery), 11 Rustaveli Ave. Exhibition of works not only Georgian, but also world masters. You can see the original Pirosmani here (permanent exhibition).

Museum of Contemporary Art Zurab Tsereteli, 27 Rustaveli Ave. Paintings and sculptures of Tsereteli, as the name suggests. Here are the exhibition of contemporary art. Reviews about this museum are extremely controversial, but it’s up to you to decide.

Puppet Museum, 12 Shavteli Str. Interesting museum near the theater Gabriadze. The fund is more than 3000 exhibits. Handmade dolls from around the world. In addition to dolls – mechanical toys, musical instruments, objects of folk crafts.

Silk Museum, 6 Tsabadze Str. Another unexpected museum. It will be interesting to lovers of rarities and those who deal with silk professionally. The building has not been restored and museum is small. But! This is a beautiful old mansion, which contains cocoons, butterflies and silkworms. You can feed the latter with mulberry leaves.

Quest rooms? Why not? It is raining outside, but you may drive! So feel yourself like you are inside the computer game and check your wits. Everything will take about an hour. The task is to leave the room. And the rooms are different and full of surprises. There are several rooms in Tbilisi – in the old town on Leselidze, the vicinity of the Opera, on Vake and on Mtatsminda.

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