Where to find the best casino online and slots Where to find the best casino online and slots
Slots – From Origins to Modern Era of Gambling! Out of all the casino online games, slot machines are the ones that never seem... Where to find the best casino online and slots

Slots – From Origins to Modern Era of Gambling!

Out of all the casino online games, slot machines are the ones that never seem to go out of style. People have been playing them for a very long time and they still cherish them and play them often hoping to win big. In time, from the classic slot machines things have evolved a lot and now things have gotten a lot more complicated, but also a lot more amazing. While video online slot machines are great altogether, there is another type that sparks more and more interest these days. We’re talking about 3D slots machines that will change everything you know about fruit machines.

3D slots bring to the world of slot games the graphics and sound effects that you now see in movies and fancy video games. They also get an interesting theme or storyline that will keep you hooked for hours hoping that you hit every single bonus game to find out the whole story and see how it develops while you play slots online. While classic slot machines have three reels and one payline, generally, and video online slots take it further with 5 reels and many more paylines, these games can have a huge number of paylines or ways to win and 5, 6, 7 or even more reels.

Fruit Machines – Short history lesson

The original slot machine or how it was called, the “fruit machine”, puggy, or poker machines are quite old. The first one was developed by Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn, U.S somewhere in 1891. It was a game consisting of 50 cards faces and it was inspired by poker. This device became very popular and soon every single bar in the city wanted one of these. The gameplay was simple, and the player had to put a nickel coin inside and just pull a lever, which would spin the whole mechanism and hopefully provided a good poker hand combination. Much later in 1963, Bally came up with the first fully electromechanical machine and it was called Money Honey. Even tho, technology went a very long way and these modern games are far from their predecessors, they are still in the top favourite casino games worldwide.

Evolution of Casino Online Slots in the Modern Era

But while the graphics and sound effects are truly impressive in these modern games, the thing that’s really important about these games is the gameplay.

Gameplay is improved greatly because of the addition of special features that come in abundance. You will see features that can trigger from within another feature and bonus games that seem to keep piling up. It’s a true possibility to encounter potentially infinite free spins, pick ‘em games with amazing prizes and even bonus games that take some skill rather than luck.

Another great thing about video slots is that they can also be played on mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones, or even smartwatches that run on Android, iOS, Windows or even BlackBerry devices. This means that you can play them anywhere you are and no matter what you’re doing as long as you have an internet connection that’s stable.

You can forget about your computer and relax in bed while playing or spin those reels in the subway, bus on your way to work or even try some wins from a nice, relaxing beach in your vacation. Now a days there are only small difference between computer games and mobile casino online slots. At this point, producers make any new game with two versions, one for pc and one for mobile. Some games may have some changes made to better suit the smaller screen. This will not affect your gameplay whatsoever.

Top Casino Slot Producers

While many top software providers have started creating 3D video slots there are some that have a lot more of them and know just how to nail them every single time, making each 3D slot machine a winner. We’re talking about PlayTech, NetEnt, and Microgaming, even though there are quite a few others that are starting to make a name for themselves when it comes to 3D slots.  All these reputable producers make new trustworthy games and software each year. All their software are checked by a legal third party to ensure that all the RNG’s (Random Number Generators) are fair.

While each one of these truly talented software providers has a huge number of 3D slots that can blow your mind, there are some that are highly popular with every seasoned gambler and even every newbie that’s enticed by the promise of big wins and great gameplay.

If you think that 3D slots might be too complicated for you because they have more rules than classic slot machines and other casino games, then you should try play slots online for free for a while until you get the hang of it. Also, don’t forget to check the bonuses. These kinds of promotions offered by a website can really help a new player take off and try other games or new strategies. They also provide help with some nice wins, so don’t miss them out! When you’re comfortable you can always pick a trusted and safe online casino to play these amazing casino online games for real money!

Casino online in Romania

Playing slots for fun is fun and playing slots for fun while winning real money is even more fun. On the site casino.com.ro, you can find great casino online bonus offers in Romania. casino.com.ro offers free spins and free money without having to make a deposit. The free spins are available for all new customers in Romania that are interested in playing at the casino. The free spins are offered without the need to make a deposit or to give your credit card information. The free spins are available on many different kinds of slots. The free money is also given without having to make a deposit and offers more flexibility as it allows you to take advantage of this promotion on slots, other casino games and sport betting. On casino.com.ro you will also find exclusive online casino promotions with deposit that are better and more generous than you find differently at the online casino such as Netbet, Betano, Maxbet, Vlad cazino and many more.

Always Gamble Smart

When we speak about smart gambling, we talk about responsible gambling. Which basically means, play as long as it is fun, never play for more than you can afford and never borrow money to gamble. Gambling and online casino is very entertaining and fun! It is a great source of entertainment and offers a great variety of game play, ranging from slots and roulette to Blackjack and sports betting. However, nothing keeps on being fun if you overdo it. Always play in moderation and take extended breaks from playing online. This could be a matter of days, weeks or month, you have to decide what is right for you. However, if you feel that you have troubles stopping or difficulty in taking a break from gambling, we recommend that you seek out help and ban yourself from the casino. Basically, all serious online casinos have an option for self-exclusion. By using this option, you can no longer play at the casino.

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