Why have Online Games become so popular? Why have Online Games become so popular?
Technology and software have exceeded our greatest expectations over the last decade and as a result the gaming industry has exploded. Fast broadband has... Why have Online Games become so popular?

Technology and software have exceeded our greatest expectations over the last decade and as a result the gaming industry has exploded. Fast broadband has also given most of the population even better accessibility to online games and has become the central switch for our escapism from reality.

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Experts say that playing games is the perfect way to escape stress and pressure, giving us time to unwind from our busy lifestyles. Not only does gaming allow us to switch off and forget about everyday pressures from work, finances and family, but it lets us to take our mind to another dimension where we can get lost in a world so different to ours. Of course, we know that gaming stimulates our brains, helping to keep them active and healthy, but why is the popularity of this home-styled entertainment significantly increasing?

Cash Incentives

The fact that many online game sites reward their players with cash seems to be one of the most attractive draws to gaming. While sites such as Betway offer long-standing popular cash prize games like bingo and roulette, they are also satisfying a wider audience with fantasy slot machine games like Game of Thrones, Immortal Romance, Avalon 2 and the ever-popular Tomb Raider. Gaming sites also often entice and reward new players by offering them a welcome package to either match their deposit or give a bonus cash amount for signing up.

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Worldwide Competitiveness

Online game companies are becoming heavily competitive by improving their visuals, sound, graphics and opponent interaction in their games. One of the most important elements of any game is that it needs to be easy for a beginner to understand from the start. Excellent playability is essential and rewards for a player’s consistency and effort are also vital to keep them interested. As so many experienced players have mastered specific skills in gaming, companies must ensure that they are compensated for their determination. Social gaming networks such as Raptr and Kilp have reward schemes which give players access to free games, discount codes and entry to industry events. The beauty of these sites is that while you may start playing games online with people you know, once you are established and confident, you could be playing with opponents from all over world.

A Boost to the Brain

Games are progressing and developing faster than we can believe. But what is it about online games that is such a turn-on for gamers? Frequent players report that games are not only a form of escapism but they also take the player to an alternative reality which can cause a powerful stir in their brains and increase cognitive, visual and motor abilities. The surge of adrenaline that an interactive game injects into our brains gives us a potent heady mix of power and will, urging us to play hard to succeed. Role-playing games like Final Fantasy enable us to become a different character, while first-shooters like Doom or Overwatch aim to beat an opponent in combat. Whatever challenge is presented, we enjoy the experience.

Accessibility for Everyone

The fact that online games are available to everyone means that the world is your oyster. There’s no longer a need to go down to a local venue to play games to win cash, instead you can just log onto your favourite and increase your bank balance at the touch of a button or play with thousands of other people simultaneously. Online games are popular because you can play them in the comfort of your own home, through your computer, tablet or smartphone. Accessibility is one of the biggest elements of success for gaming companies, which why augmented and virtual reality games played on mobile devices represent the next step in the gaming revolution.

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