Wonder Woman Blu-Ray Review Wonder Woman Blu-Ray Review
One of the year’s most impressive blockbusters. It’s been a long time coming for Wonder Woman to finally her long overdue transformation from page... Wonder Woman Blu-Ray Review

One of the year’s most impressive blockbusters.

It’s been a long time coming for Wonder Woman to finally her long overdue transformation from page to the big screen and now, in 2017, it has finally happened, with Gal Gadot taking on leading lady duties for Patty Jenkins’ entry into the DCEU that has had everyone talking. With its release on DVD and Blu-Ray on 9th October, we give the lowdown on the release that is sure to be flying off the shelves once it finally arrives.

Diana (Gal Gadot) has long lived as the youngest female of Themyscira, a land populated by strong women whose fighting skills match their bravery. Looking to also become a fighter, Diana grows up sheltered by her mother Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielson) before her true power is unleashed under the guidance of her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright). Growing to become the strongest of the women in Themyscira, Diana’s world is turned upside down when a pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), crash lands and reveals a world beyond the beautiful shores of the only place she has ever known.

Thrust into World War I and the terrors of death and destruction on the front line, Diana seeks out the evil Ares while also looking to stop the pain and suffering caused by the war ravaging the world. Along the way, she will find courage, honour and much more, but will she complete her ultimate mission in eradicating the threat of Zeus on earth?

Wonder Woman comes at a time where confidence in the DC cinematic universe is at a low point. Batman v Superman failed to match expectations and the overall scope since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films hasn’t been met kindly by critics and many fans alike. Thankfully, Patty Jenkins has come on board with a strong team and created that one glimmer of hope that may well ignite a fire that could have some Marvel purists quaking in their boots. Wonder Woman really is a film filled with wonder, true beauty in its presentation, and a heart that many other DC film offerings have failed to muster up in the years that have passed.

Key to the film’s success is the powerhouse pairing of Gadot and Pine, their chemistry driving the film to worthy positivity met upon its cinematic release. But where many may assume this is simply a romantic relationship, Jenkins’ film maintains the strong nature of Diana as a woman who can hold her own and, for the majority, has her saving her male counterpart from those tricky situations. It makes for refreshing watching, with Pine perfectly nailing a strong male lead without having him need to take the reigns in terms of being the strong man saving the damsel in distress. It makes for a compelling watch and just one of the factors in making Wonder Woman stand out from the crowd.

Jenkins’ direction is scintillating, from the time we spend in establishing Diana’s origins in Themyscira, to the change of dynamic into World War I, she creates a beautiful overall picture of the world changing in front of Diana’s eyes and it all looks simply gorgeous. Themyscira is heavenly and the dark, drab feel of a war unfolding is captured gracefully, especially in a standout sequence beginning with a dangerous walk through No Man’s Land and concluding with Diana proving her true heroism in the face of adversity. Admittedly, those few up with the Zack Snyder action sequences may have bones to pick with some of the action featured, but as a whole Wonder Woman delivers in those engaging and exciting action scenes, adding to the punch packed by the character moments littered throughout.

Quite possibly the saviour of the DCEU at this stage, Wonder Woman is brilliant, entertaining blockbuster fodder that is undeniable in its presentation of an iconic character. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have proved that women are well and truly on the map when it comes to delivering the goods in cinematic success.

Wonder Woman is out now on Digital Download and is out on 4K UHD, Blu-ray™ 3D, Blu-ray™ and DVD October 9.

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