The Equalizer 3 trailer out now! Denzel Washington back in action
The legendary actor Denzel Washington is back as Robert McCall in the final chapter of American vigilante action film...
Berg releases in cinemas on 28 April
Berg follows the stories of the stones, rocks and peaks of a vast mountain landscape. Berg follows the stories...
Top 10 TV Shows Based on Books
In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of book-to-TV adaptations, with many of our favorite novels being brought to...
Six Best Gambling Books of all Time
Knowledge is power isn’t just a cool line from one of the famous characters of the most popular TV series – Game of Thrones. It actually has great value in every field of life. That’s why reading books is still quite popular in the world, despite the internet and technology... Read more
Alexandra Daddario stars in LOST GIRLS AND LOVE HOTELS coming to DVD & Digital 8th February
Dazzler Media proudly presents the powerful and atmospheric Lost Girls and Love Hotels starring Alexandra Daddario (We Summon the Darkness, True Detective, Percy Jackson franchise) coming to DVD & Digital from 8th February.   “A high point for everyone involved” The Hollywood Reporter “One of the better intimate dramas of the year” Chicago Sun-Times “Alexandra Daddario... Read more
Jimmy Olsson’s ALIVE highlights the crucial subject of disability intimacy and loneliness
Winner of the Oscar qualifying Best Short Film Award at Huesca International Film Festival , Inclus in Barcelona, Festival de Cine de Zaragoza and a GrandPrix Award at Russian International Film Festival Director Jimmy Olsson’s ALIVE highlights the basic human need of intimacy. This topical live-action short film premiered... Read more
Cleopatra: From the History Books to our Screens
There was once a time where women were told what to do and where to go and according to the history books, it was forbidden for a woman to leave the home without a male chaperone! The now outdated rule book also stated that the place for women was... Read more
Movies from Las Vegas

Movies from Las Vegas

MoviesNews 19th January 2021 0

Las Vegas is a wonder in Nevada. The focus of passion, amount, greed and vices. City of quick marriages, Elvis Presley, chic gaming clubs, and expensive hotels. Here they embark on a pre-wedding spree, they can lose capital at gambling tables and make madness when in any other town... Read more
Top 3 Casino Movies

Top 3 Casino Movies

MoviesNews 19th January 2021 0

Today we will focus on pictures where gambling is considered the most important part of the plot. However, what makes pictures of gambling so interesting? Thanks to gambling, films acquire a special zest, they become very intriguing, since there are a risk and a chance in gambling. All this... Read more
Classic War Movies On DVD: Titles Worth Collecting
According to famous film director Sam Mendes, people love war films because they represent a very real, visceral, human experience. Classic war films have historically done well at the box office. By all standards, and for whatever reason, they are tremendously successful and everyone loves them. But which classic... Read more
How To Create Your Own Movie Night Bingo Game
As bingo surges once again into the mainstream consciousness of people across the world, more and more of us are heading online to play an amazing game. Yet sometimes we want to enjoy the magic of bingo with the whole family, so must get a little creative. One of... Read more
Netflix releases Tik Tok character posters and full soundtrack for Ryan Murphy’s THE PROM
ORIGINAL FILM Netflix has released eight Tik Tok character posters and the full soundtrack for Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated musical THE PROM. The film is out now in select cinemas and on Netflix from December 11.                   Directed By | Ryan... Read more
GUNDA – A film by Victor Kossakovsky / Released by Altitude on 30 April 2021
ALTITUDE ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF VICTOR KOSSAKOVSKY’S ‘PROFOUND’ AND ‘POWERFUL’ GUNDA IN UK & IRISH CINEMAS FROM 30 APRIL 2021 Altitude announces the release of Victor Kossakovsky’s stunning, heartbreaking and important GUNDA in UK and Irish cinemas on 30 April 2021. Experiential cinema in its purest form, GUNDA chronicles... Read more
Online Casino & Gambling Trends in 2021 and Beyond
Do you like online gambling? If you do, you are probably excited to hear about the latest trends that are going to dominate the industry in the forthcoming years. Digital casinos are thriving mainly because there are so many players worldwide, while cutting-edge technologies make it possible to design... Read more
Josiah wins the Oscar qualifying award at St Louis International Film Festival
No Film School, Jo Light “Josiah Tackles Stereotyping in Hollywood Casting with an Intense Oner”  Awards Daily, Joey Moser “a beautifully paced film that will get any audience talking as soon as the credits roll” Kyle Laursen’s Josiah explores Hollywood’s unconscious stereotyping Writer/Director Kyle Laursen’s live-action short film Josiah examines issues inside the creative... Read more