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In this movie, we follow Daniel Craig’s first mission as James Bond. It is possible to get involved with a thrilling plot that leads... Casino Royale | Movie Review

In this movie, we follow Daniel Craig’s first mission as James Bond. It is possible to get involved with a thrilling plot that leads Bond to spy on terrorists. At the beginning of the film, we already meet some of the main characters in this plot, Alex Dimitrios and his girlfriend, Solange. Alex is involved with Le Chiffre, the banker of terrorist organizations around the planet, who intends to raise money in a millionaire poker game in Montenegro at Casino Royale. Furthermore, Bond has the help of his seductive partner Vesper Lynd.

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Casino Royale – A new James Bond

Casino Royale, Ian Fleming’s first work in the James Bond universe, had already been adapted twice for the audiovisual medium. The first was for a TV series called Climax! James Bond was Jimmy Bond, an American CIA agent played by Barry Nelson. The second time, in theaters, the book turned into a satire with a stellar cast headed by David Niven in 1967.

The writers went back to the origins, to the mold of what was James Bond in the beginning and literature and brought out a script that, while being very faithful to the 1953 book, is current and modern, bringing the secret agent definitively to the XXI century. A big gamble, no doubt.

Casino Royale is also the first time the 007 series has been completely rebooted. Written at the beginning of the series’ intensifying reboots, the James Bond franchise was perhaps the most deserved a fresh start, a new chance. Producers and screenwriters saw this as an opportunity. They went to Bond’s origins, with a masterfully assembled pre-credits sequence that, mixing black-and-white flashbacks and present colorful scenes, reveals how the agent got his license ” 00” to kill. The script also plays with Bond’s origins, in thought-provoking and intelligent dialogue between him and Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) aboard a train.

In Casino Royale, James Bond investigates a banker for terrorists and criminals in general called Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen). It all ends up in a high-stakes game at Casino Royale in Montenegro, making him an easy target for his “customers” and therefore open to confession. his criminal connections to MI6. Bond is helped by Vesper, the British government accountant who handles the money he’s going to bet, Rene Mathis (Giancarlo Giannini), a local agent, and Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), a CIA agent.

The action is uninterrupted and is well choreographed and edited by the master Stuart Baird, who has worked on several other classics. The cuts are abrupt but not confusing. We manage to understand everything that goes on on-screen, even when we are in the middle of a clash between Bond and two soldiers of an African Warmaster along an emergency stairway. We see the violence of the situation as well as the fear of Bond.

Craig was a brilliant choice. He brought to the role of the spy a quality we had never seen before: intelligent brute strength. Bond was never one to fight his enemies at length. A few punches here and there were always enough, Craig shows feeling all the time. That’s why I wrote about fear in the emergency stairwell scene. We feel it emanating from that man, who still has little experience with this wild world around him. That’s not enough to make him insensitive to the fact that he has to kill someone with his bare hands.

The safe direction of Martin Campbell, responsible for two James Bond resurrections (the first was in 007 Against GoldenEye), shows the director’s maturity. While GoldenEye – excellent in its own right – was an action adventure, in Casino Royale, he focuses his cameras on creating investigative suspense that is just the backdrop to the growth and evolution of a secret agent.

One event leads to another naturally, and we follow Bond in this evolution of the plot and his personality. Nothing is free, nothing is out of place, even when he travels around the world in his investigation, which often creates forced situations in the scripts of the 007 films.

Casino Royale manages to be all of this without being even remotely a simple movie. It deserves all its success and the wish that the franchise doesn’t get lost again, with the easier exit through the spectacle standing out to the substance, as it happened in the “Brosnan era.”

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