First Footage From Star Wars: The Last Jedi Screened First Footage From Star Wars: The Last Jedi Screened
Some VERY lucky folks have seen some footage from Star Wars: The Last Jedi... First Footage From Star Wars: The Last Jedi Screened

It’s official, we are well and truly on the road to one of this year’s biggest releases – the next chapter in the Star Wars Saga, The Last Jedi. And over at Disney, at the annual shareholders gathering – the lucky folks in attendance were able to see first glimpses of the December blockbuster.

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There has been much debate and speculation on the resolution from the final shot on The Force Awakens, where Rey (Daisy Ridley) discovered the self-exiled Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and presented to him his long-lost lightsaber. Many theorists believe that we will see Luke taking on a mentor role – training Rey in the ways of the Force, much like Ben Kenobi and Yoda before him. The clips shown appear to address what possibly immediately happens once we arrive back in a galaxy far, far away….


The Los Angeles Times report that the footage screened this past Wednesday focussed on Luke asking Rey – “Who are you?”. With the young Jedi-in-training then seen ‘deftly handling a lightsaber’. It is very likely that this reaction shot was cut in from another sequence – as it seems probable that Rey’s response would be best saved for the film’s release.

It also lends weight to the long-standing opinion that Luke doesn’t recognise her because he simply does not know her. Perhaps her Force vision of Luke’s training camp was simply that, rather than a memory? But the jury is still out on Rey’s parentage. Check out our feature on some of out big questions for The Last Jedi here.

Other beloved characters were also featured – such as classic characters Chewbacca and Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), along with John Boyega’s Finn. With additional reported looks at a battle damaged X-Wing flying in a larger ship whilst under attack, along with scenery shots of mountains, forests and deserts.

While these are all just reports from screenings, it is certainly going to whet many appetites. Giving fans some insight into how this new, presumed central relationship will manifest and play out during the film. And as big fans of Star Wars, we at Filmoria can not wait for director Rian Johnson’s Episode VII to land on December 15th.

Source: Variety

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