Home invasion zombie thriller HOBBES HOUSE set to shoot from February 17, 2019
Zombie Project Ltd has joined forces with producer / director Juliane Block (8 Remains, 3 Lives) on a Brit...
Caption (L to R): Rowan Atkinson (Father Gerald), Kristin Scott Thomas (Fiona), Sophie Thompson (Lydia), John Hannah (Matthew), Andie...
The Gandhi Murder – New film questions whether the British  were complicit in Gandhi’s Assassination?
LFF 2017 – A Fantastic Woman Review
The best film of the 2017 London Film Festival features an astonishing performance, expert direction and groundbreaking humanity. Orlando is an older gentleman. The film opens with him getting a massage in a sauna, and follows him around as he goes about his day. Orlando heads to a beautiful... Read more
LFF 2017 – Lady Bird Review
An exploration and celebration of female relationships, Lady Bird is a perfect snapshot of a teenage girl’s life. ​ ​”Coming of age” movies as they are so-called, appear with consistent regularity​, particularly in the run up to awards season. The quality of these – particularly in recent years –... Read more
LFF 2017 – Downsizing Review
Matt Damon discovers that “it’s a small world after all”, in this sci-fi comedy which is full of big ideas, but sadly not all of which land. The trailer for Downsizing certainly tried to emphasise how quirky and unique this film was promising to be, and off the bat... Read more
LFF 2017 – The Florida Project Review
In the shadow of “the happiest place on earth”, life is both a struggle and a wonderland. After the creatively audacious, yet wonderfully freewheeling Tangerine, director Sean Baker now turns his attention to the unexplored underbelly of America; geographically perhaps only a stone’s throw from Orlando’s most famous attraction,... Read more
LFF 2017 – The Shape of Water Review
A magical and original ode to classic Hollywood, Del Toro’s latest is an inspiring blend of fantasy, science-fiction and romance Eliza (Sally Hawkins) has a precise routine. She wakes up, boils eggs, masturbates in the bathtub, and heads off to work as a cleaner in a government facility. She... Read more
LFF 2017 – Person To Person Review
A charming indie comedy that defies expectations has some particularly fascinating things to say about friendship and everyday life. There’s something particularly pleasant about watching Person to Person. It’s not just that it was filmed in 16mm (and presented in 35mm at the London Film Festival), which gives the... Read more
LFF 2017 – Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Review
Lust, love, and lie-detectors in this surprising true story celebrating female superheroes both on and off the pages of comic books. Wonder Woman is hot property once again at the moment, with the recent entry into the DC Extended Universe, starring Gal Gadot as the eponymous heroine, being hailed... Read more
LFF 2017 – Loving Vincent Review
A staggering creative spectacle celebrating the life, work, and death of Vincent van Gogh. A film which is this ambitious in its scope will often have a reputation that precedes it, and indeed it is near impossible to talk to anyone about Loving Vincent without mentioning something along the... Read more
LFF 2017 – Call Me By Your Name Review
A tender, touching, and painfully beautiful love story, Call Me By Your Name will steal your heart and wreck your emotions. One of the most anticipated films of the festival, Luca Guadagnino’s follow-up to 2015’s A Bigger Splash is an endlessly charming, heart-stoppingly tender, and beautifully executed love story.... Read more
LFF 2017 – Last Flag Flying Review
  Carell flies the flag After two Steve Carell movies in quick succession at the LFF, I had a eureka moment. In Battle Of The Sexes, he plays extrovert showman Bobby Riggs, who challenged Billie Jean King to a tennis match to prove a point.  In Last Flag Flying,... Read more
LFF 2017 – The Party Review
Short sharp black comedy If, to coin a phrase, a week is a long time in politics, then two years is an absolute eternity.  Sally Potter’s (on double duty as director and writer) The Party was written two years ago and it really shows.  That’s no criticism: it just... Read more
LFF 2017 – Thoroughbreds Review
Dark, twisted, super stylish, and effortlessly cool. On paper, Thoroughbreds is a singularly odd film, and in actuality it is perhaps even more sublimely surreal than anticipated. Oddball Amanda (Olivia Cooke) rekindles her friendship with wealthy socialite, Lily (Anya Taylor Joy), and together they hatch a plan to murder... Read more