30 Best Movies to Look Forward To In 2020
30 Best Movies to Look Forward To In 2020 Can’t get enough of superhero movies, remakes, and sequels of...
Turn up the heat when Bad Boys For Life explodes onto 4DX and ScreenX at Cineworld cinemas
Turn up the heat when Bad Boys For Life explodes onto 4DX and ScreenX at Cineworld cinemas Cinemagoers will feel...
Terminator: Dark Fate is coming to UK cinemas 23rd October
Dunkirk (2017) Review
A monumental achievement, the latest from Christopher Nolan is an experience like no other. Christopher Nolan, one of the most successful directors of all-time, came from humble cinematic beginnings to crafting massive blockbusters, ranging from comic-book heroes to sci-fi mind benders. Exchanging fantasy for gritty realism, Dunkirk is a... Read more
It Comes At Night (2017) Review

Trey Edward Shults’ “difficult second film” is a brilliantly chilling and deeply profound mood piece.

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Logan (2017) DVD Review
While delivering in the visceral nature of the character, Logan slightly misses a beat in Jackman’s final outing. Marking his ninth and final outing as Logan AKA Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has solidified himself in Marvel comic book lore as the man to portray one of the finest characters emanating... Read more
The Circle (2017) Review

Emma Watson and Tom Hanks face off in James Ponsoldt’s techno-thriller, The Circle. Our official review is in.

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The House (2017) Review

Comedic heavyweights Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler team up for backdoor gambling romp, The House. Here’s our official verdict.

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The Autopsy Of Jane Doe Blu-Ray Review
The horror genre is an often enigmatic corner of the cinematic world, often serving up the highest likelihood of mediocrity within its many annual releases, while also delivering some truly groundbreaking movies that shake us to the core and remind us that there is still originality and hope. With... Read more
Trespass Against Us (2016) Blu-Ray Review
Fassbender shines in a movie that never hits the mark with the potential it possesses. Michael Fassbender is a home-grown talent whose repertoire of films is a testament to an actor who is never afraid to return to his roots and buck the trend, waltzing from blockbuster movies back... Read more
The Book of Henry Review
Colin Trevorrow’s latest is a detestable, embarrassing effort, and a very serious contender for the worst film of 2017. How do you solve a problem like The Book of Henry? How is it that Colin Trevorrow, responsible for massive blockbusters Jurassic World and the forthcoming Star Wars Episode IX,... Read more
In This Corner of the World (2017) Review
Beautiful, touching and compelling, we may just have the best animated film of the year… Beating out box-office sensation Your Name for Animation of the Year at the Japan Academy Awards, In This Corner of the World comes with a considerable pedigree. Director Sunao Katabuchi (Mai Mai Miracle) worked... Read more
Patriots Day (2017) – Blu-ray Review
A powerful and emotional event, Patriots Day is among one of the best films so far this year. With current events seeing the whole world over looking to band together in support and eradicate the threat and intimidation of terrorism, it seems rather apt that a true story of... Read more
Blue Borsalino Short Film Review
Exceptionally directed, Blue Borsalino is the full package in terms of a perfect short film. A director who was worked with the likes of young and impressive British talent such as Lily James and Maisie Williams, Mark Lobatto is a man whose work should be shared to the world.... Read more
My Cousin Rachel (2017) Review

Acclaimed director Roger Michell attempts to tackle du Maurier’s gothic romance, My Cousin Rachel. Here’s our official review.

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