30 Best Movies to Look Forward To In 2020
30 Best Movies to Look Forward To In 2020 Can’t get enough of superhero movies, remakes, and sequels of...
The Favourite – Film Review (Venice Film Festival 2018)
Only Yorgos Lanthimos could make a film about backstabbing-bitchiness, treachery and duck-racing a viable candidate for a Best Picture...
LFF 2017 – Roller Dreams Review
Energetic, thoughtful, and surprisingly relevant look at the explosion of a pop culture phenomenon on a sun-drenched Venice Beach in the 1980s. It’s undeniably a bit of a niche topic for a documentary, and indeed the issues this documentary ends up exploring, seem a far cry away from the... Read more
Baywatch Blu-Ray Review
An extremely silly yet ultimately entertaining yarn. The beautiful sunsets, those famed red swimsuits and, of course, the slow motion shots – Baywatch was a staple of 1990s television, so it comes as no surprise that it has finally been reborn into the world of film. While the days... Read more
mother! (2017) Review

mother! (2017) Review

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Unpredictable, terrifying, and completely unforgettable, Darren Aronofsky’s mother! is like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s refreshing to see a marketing campaign like the one for Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, mother! The trailers have been shrouded in secrecy, and the posters have been nothing short of magnificent. One of the... Read more
Mindhorn Blu-Ray Review
What starts off great soon turns out a disappointment – never mind.. The 1980s were kind to Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt), a time when he was on top of the television tree with his hit show Mindhorn, a detective series that saw him don a robotic eye with eyepatch... Read more
Cruise delivers Hollywood superstars don’t exist anymore so says a portion of the cinema world – gone are the days of big opening weekends of the latest release of those that are on the A-list, the few special ones amongst us able to rustle up great business from the... Read more
Batman and Harley Quinn (2017) Review
An unnecessary, uneven portrayal of The Batman: The Animated Series The Batman cartoon, which aired in the 90’s, was arguably one of the best representation of Batman seen on television. Returning voice actor from the hit TV cartoon, Kevin Conroy, is the quintessential voice of Batman. Also returning is... Read more
Logan Lucky (2017) Review
Ocean’s meets hillbilly rock, in the best possible way. Having spent recent years within the realms of television, director Steven Soderbergh’s loosely termed ‘retirement’ from film is over and, following up on his last film in 2013 – Behind The Candelabra – he is back in familiar territory with... Read more
Atomic Blonde (2017) Review
The female John Wick kicks some seriously ass in a brilliant 80s-inspired throwback actioner. We’ve always known that Charlize Theron is somewhat of a badass – Aeon Flux aside – the less about that one the better – Theron has often proved herself as a badass, whether in a sharp,... Read more
Free Fire DVD Review
Free-flowing but soon begins to fire blanks… Ben Wheatley is undoubtedly one of the most polarising directors working in the industry today. Through his rather diverse catalogue of films that he has brought to the fray in recent times, Wheatley has shocked, surprised, bemused and beguiled audiences with his... Read more
The Emoji Movie (2017) Review
Where’s that poop emoji… Capitalism is dead. Banish all your earthly pleasures, remove your clothing, sell your home, cut your credit cards and debit cards and throw your phone down a well. Find the deepest well you can possibly find and allow your phone to drop. Bathe in that... Read more
Ghost In The Shell (2017) Review
The most ambitious visual treat of 2017 so far. As you will have seen from our recent feature on Scarlett Johansson, the esteemed actress has seen her fair share of success in the sci-fi genre, and she continues just that with this year’s Ghost In The Shell, a re-telling... Read more
Power Rangers Blu-ray Review
Character development and action – Go, Go Entertainment! Having received a lukewarm reception in its theatrical run, Power Rangers is now set for its home entertainment release, following years of television runs that have seen aliens, dinosaurs and so much more. Here are the Power Rangers of new and... Read more