Powerful & Beautiful First Trailer for The Last Of Us Part 2 Powerful & Beautiful First Trailer for The Last Of Us Part 2
Joel and Ellie reunite for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II, and here's the incredible first trailer to prove it! Powerful & Beautiful First Trailer for The Last Of Us Part 2

Sony PlayStation exclusive developer Naughty Dog brought us what is arguably the finest dramatic video game of all-time in 2013’s The Last Of Us. A profoundly moving, intricately crafted character study which unfolds in a world ravaged by a hideous viral outbreak. The game won more than 200 international awards, and many critics – including this one – have dubbed it as their most favourite gaming experience to date.

Yesterday evening at PlayStation Experience 2016 (PSX16), the developer unveiled their first-look trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel – due in 2018 – and boy it is sublime. We rejoin an elder Ellie as she quietly strums a guitar, body draped in blood, as the camera spans a derelict house laden with corpses. Joel renters the scene late on in the some 3-minute offering, sending serious chills. Check out the powerful trailer for The Last Of Us Part II here.

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The Last Of Us debuted on the PlayStation 3, and was remastered for the PlayStation 4 in 2014. Naughty Dog’s forthcoming sequel will arrive on the PS4, with rumours that a remastered edition will be prepped for the fifth-generation console in latter years to come.

Source: IGN

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