Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 24 Roundup Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 24 Roundup
Supergirl S03E16 – Of Two Minds Alike the title of the episode, Of Two Minds tackles conflicting ideology between two superheroes. Supergirl’s villains has always... Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 24 Roundup

Supergirl S03E16 – Of Two Minds

Alike the title of the episode, Of Two Minds tackles conflicting ideology between two superheroes. Supergirl’s villains has always had a range of motives, but season 3 has played around the idea of her teammates opposing her views. We saw it in the beginning of the year when first faced with Julia/Purity, when Alex wanted to control her. Now it’s Imra, who wants nothing to do with ‘saving’ Pestilence, and is ready to kill her on the go.

In episode 16 of season 3, we finally get to see the third Worldkiller, Pestilence, who we know becomes the destructive Blight in the future; the reason why Superboy, Saturn Girl and Braniac traveled to the present. After not seeing Braniac for a few episodes, we finally get to see him again today, and in a humanoid form. Braniac, who easily stole every episode he’s been in so far, has once again been the highlight of every scene he is in. Needed for a special purpose, Braniac is tasked with finding a cure to the people when people start getting sick, a repercussion of the revival of Pestilence.

Pestilence (Angela Zhou), turns out to be Dr. Grace Parker, a highly regarded surgeon who has embraced a dark side before the awakening of Pestilence. When given the opportunity, Saturn Girl goes in for the kill, but unbeknownst to them Purity heard the call of the Worldkillers and rescues her. Reunited, they now rescue Sam from the clutches of Lena’s laboratory.

The Flash S04E20 – Therefore she is

Coming straight to the end, episode 20 of season 4 uncovers the backstory of DeVoe, finally giving the audience the mystery behind DeVoe’s motives. Perhaps if there was a bit more foreshadowing, a few Easter eggs throughout the season, or any mention of him hating technology, but the entire premise of DeVoe’s villain career falls very flat. It was an extremely interesting backstory, for a worthy villain as well, but there was no build up to this. Shrouding the villain’s history in mystery is one thing, but making it unrelated to anything he’s been saying in season 4 is quite disappointing. Trying to fix the population by getting rid of all of technology, DeVoe has really thought everything through; he hasn’t through about civilization having to go through famine, war, and political instability through centuries again.

Throughout the episode, we see Marlize and Clifford’s relationship bloom into the power couple they are set upon eradicating the Earth of technology, but we also see how undulating their relationship is. At the end of the episode, we finally see Marlize taking the Thinker’s chair, and riding out on a high. However, they aren’t the only relationship that broke up, as Cisco and Gypsy’s long distance relationship finally comes to an end. Talk about dating across countries, try dating across universes, it never would have last. And with all the break ups this week, a new partnership has formed with Cecil and Harry, where Cecil is able to decipher Harry’s thoughts as his intelligence is being lost on him. They are finally able to uncover what DeVoe’s plan is through their teamwork. Yet, the most interesting scene is right at the end, where the strange girl who has cameod throughout season 4 appears, not only giving a gift to Joe and Cecil’s baby shower, but with a flash of lightning when she makes a quick getaway.

Arrow S06E21 – Docket No. 11-19-41-73

In Law and Arrow this week, justice is served, when order finally restored in an unconventional way. In the beginning of the episode, the lack of action and muscles was apparent, with law terminology flying around it was difficult to get invested to. However, when we realise the stakes Oliver and the city is in, Arrow was shortly redeemed. As he faces yet another trial accusing him of being the Green Arrow, Oliver, and Diggle, puts the perfect plan to acquit him of his charges.

We get to see an old friend of the show, Christopher Chance (Wil Travel), to appear as Thomas Merlyn, to appear as the Green Arrow. The story is uncanny, the man supposedly dead, living in the shadows, in close relation with everyone Oliver is in party with as well. Seeing Thomas Merlyn was a great delight, and so was Christopher Chance. Although Diaz had the judge and jury in the palm of his hand, he didn’t take into account Chance appearing as the judge as well, nor did he think Laurel would betray him. With Quentin giving Laurel some words of wisdom, she finally stands up to Diaz. Unluckily for her, Diaz was already prepared for the moment, inhibiting her powers with a kryptonite-like device, he captures Laurel without a second though. However, if he was such a bad villain, why wouldn’t he just kill Laurel there and then?

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