American Gods: Meet The Cast
Neil Gaiman’s incomparable novel, American Gods, tells the story of Shadow Moon, a small-time thief newly released from prison...
Interview with award-winning cinematographer Anatoly Ivanov
Renowned extreme sports camera operator, Anatoly Ivanov’s work spans many areas. He has worked as a director of photography for some of the most notable brands like Red Bull and covered major events in world of sports. Originally hailing from Russia, he is now based in Los Angeles. As... Read more
May The Fourth – Check Out This Insane Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker!
The Original Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker will be launched on May the 4th. As all film fanatics know this is also May the 4th Be With You Day! Featuring full-size helmet design and a limited edition of just 450. Includes Certificate of Authenticity signed by Original Stormtrooper creator, Andrew Ainsworth,... Read more
Check Out This Amazing Star Wars Levitating Speaker!
Today, award-winning consumer electronics developer Plox is announcing the Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker is now available to purchase in the UK. Combining 360-degree laser-like sound projection with an out-of-this-world levitation system, this officially licensed collectible has been designed by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans. The... Read more
Heroes And Villains Surface In Latest Images From Amazon’s The Tick
Proving to be the latest in a long line of superhero ventures – this time in the television realm – Amazon’s The Tick is fast approaching and we have some of the latest photos from the upcoming show starring Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry and Ryan Woodle. Featuring... Read more
American Gods: Meet The Cast
Neil Gaiman’s incomparable novel, American Gods, tells the story of Shadow Moon, a small-time thief newly released from prison and recast as a grieving husband who soon finds himself in the employ of the irascible Mr Wednesday. Beloved by fan and critic alike, the novel has now found its... Read more
The Tick Character Posters Have Arrived
With Amazon’s series The Tick arriving just next month, a wave of new character posters have arrived and you can view them all below. ARTHUR EVEREST Arthur lost his father as a child, and courageously tries to keep his fears from getting the best of him. Enter The Tick,... Read more
Watch The Long-Awaited Trailer For Amazon’s The Tick
Looking every bit the hilarious and adventurous property for Amazon’s subscribers, the first long-awaited trailer for their superhero show The Tick has been finally been revealed – and it looks pretty hilarious! You can watch the trailer below In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an... Read more
James Gunn’s Slither Gets Blu-Ray Release
In a quite surprising turn today – Writer/Director James Gunn announced on his official Instagram page that his debut feature, Slither, is finally going to be released on Blu-Ray this year. 11 years after the comedy/horror first appeared in theatres. The film was critically well-received, however it bombed at... Read more
Cage Set For Amazon Prime Release
Set to be released on 3rd April via Amazon Prime, upcoming movie Cage is set to be a claustrophobic and thrilling encounter from the directorial talents of Warren Dudley. The director’s second feature, following 2015’s The Cutting Room, focuses on Lucy Jane Quinlan’s Gracie Blake as she finds herself... Read more