Johnny Harris And Ian McShane Star In New Jawbone Clip
With Jawbone released in UK cinemas today, we’ve got a new clip from the film to share with you, starring leading man Johnny Harris and the superb talent that is Ian McShane. The clip itself presents to us former boxing champion Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris) as he seeks out... Read more
True Romance Duo Reunite For Upcoming Movie Glass Jaw
With the past weekend conjuring up one of the biggest upsets in British heavyweight boxing history, it seems rather apt that today we bring to you news of an upcoming movie focusing on the very sport. Boxing has seen somewhat of a resurgence in the past few years –... Read more
5 Boxing Movies That Pack One Hell Of A Punch
Sports movies often give us the most inspiring stories and characters of any films, but when it comes to a particular sport there are few that manage to match the might and prowess of boxing. Through the years, we’ve bared witness to some of the greatest underdog stories in... Read more