Colossal (2017) Review
It’s hard to fault cinemas naysayers these days, with a seemingly endless onslaught of sequels and remakes crowding multiplexes. With the golden age of TV upon us and streaming services like Netflix creating new and unique programming on what seems like a daily basis, its hard argue with those... Read more
Fantastic New Poster For Colossal
We’ve got Kong and those terrifying Skull Crawlers ready to cause havoc on Skull Island, and Godzilla looking to declare himself the king of the monsters in his upcoming sequel, with Kyle Chandler and Vera Farmiga recently boarding the project. Yet Nacho Vigalondo’s new film seems very keen to... Read more
Side-Splitting New Trailer For Anne Hathaway’s Monster Movie

Anne Hathaway shares a special connection with a Godzilla-like monster in the bonkers comedy Colossal. Here’s the new trailer.

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Anne Hathaway Stars In The Bonkers First Trailer For Colossal

Anne Hathaway in a Godzilla-inspired action romp? Yeah, it’s true, and here’s the trailer for Colossal to prove it!

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