A Hollywood producer’s career: Ekaterina Behor’s journey and vision
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Oscar Isaac: A Versatile Actor with Unmatched Talent
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21 Movie: Unraveling the Game Strategy
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A magical and original ode to classic Hollywood, Del Toro’s latest is an inspiring blend of fantasy, science-fiction and romance Eliza (Sally Hawkins) has a precise routine. She wakes up, boils eggs, masturbates in the bathtub, and heads off to work as a cleaner in a government facility. She... Read more
New Casino Ad Features Hollywood Celebrity Geoff Bell
Moviegoers surely remember Geoff Bell as a tough guy from Hollywood and British movies. His uncanny ability to reprise some of the most difficult roles has kept him in the spotlight for nearly 3 decades. He starred in many well known films and some of these movies were blockbusters... Read more
Amy Schumer Set To Play Barbie In Forthcoming Movie

Hollywood’s funniest female Amy Schumer is ready to play classic toy doll Barbie in the forthcoming film!

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