FilmStruck Curzon Premium Movie Streaming Officially Launches
FilmStruck Curzon is a new premium movie streaming service expertly curated by film lovers for film lovers. FilmStruck Curzon offers a broad and diverse collection of cinema’s most iconic and ground-breaking films, from genres such as mainstream, cult, independent, art house, classic and documentary film as well as the best of... Read more
New Transformers Augmented Reality App Released By Paramount
Paramount Home Media Distribution have unveiled a free augmented reality experience for iOS app users, coinciding with the release of the Transformers films: Transformers, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on 4K Ultra HD.  Created by Viacom’s VR team Viacom NEXT... Read more
Innovative promotions in the gaming industry
With every day seeing over 500 games being released for iOS devices alone, it’s clear that the modern gaming market is in danger of being saturated. And this is why games publishers now have to use some fairly innovative promotional strategies to ensure that their latest gaming release doesn’t... Read more
Will Deal Or No Deal Ever Return To Daytime TV?
It has to be said, switching on Channel 4 on a weekday afternoon just hasn’t been the same since Christmas. The loss of Deal Or No Deal and the daily visit to Noel Edmonds’ Dream Factory remains something that many fans simply cannot get over. The decision to cancel... Read more
Watch The Opening 5 Minutes Of Sadako Vs Kayako
If you’re a fan of horror then we’ve got a treat for you, courtesy of horror streaming service Shudder. Hailing from Japan’s greatest recent horror entities Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge, two titans of horror lock horns as it’s time for Sadako Vs Kayako. With the film recently being... Read more
Latest Apple iOS Update Rumoured To Feature New Theatre Mode
It’s commonplace these days for most cinema-goers to always have their smart phone in tow. And in recent years, it has become the bane of many people who have expressed frustration by the disturbances caused by phone usage during screenings. With most cinemas and other venues being forced to... Read more