Final Deadpool 2 Trailer Bands Together The Team To Face Cable
You can’t fault the promotional wonderment of the Deadpool 2 campaign, with countless laughs and Ryan Reynolds at his...
Watch The Amazingly Funny New Deadpool 2 Trailer
Strap in for the greatest two and a half minutes of the next two and a half minutes… The new...
6 Of The Best Unlikely Cinema Bromances
This summer, on the 18th August, Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson will finally be hitting the big screen...
Life (2017) Review

Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson star in sci-fi horror Life. Here’s our official review.

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Michael Shannon Now Frontrunner For Deadpool 2’s Cable

Has Deadpool 2 finally found its Cable in the Midnight Special star?

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Red-Band Trailer Touches Down For Life
Up until this point, the marketing campaign for Sony Pictures’ Life has been filled with its fair share of secrecy and intrigue, with the sci-fi thriller starring Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal serving up what looks to be something very reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s Alien. It’s been rather... Read more
Atlanta Star Secures Domino Role In Deadpool 2

A key member of the Atlanta cast has landed the role of a lifetime in Deadpool 2.

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Crossing Over: Who Has Starred In Both DC And Marvel Movies?
Manchester United And Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton, Tom and Jerry, Rick Grimes and Negan; the world is filled with rivals who will do anything in their power to get one over on the other and the film industry isn’t too far from that, specifically when it comes to... Read more
Ryan Reynolds Returns In Deadpool 2 Teaser

Wade Wilson returns in this hilarious sneak-peek teaser for Deadpool 2!

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Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Space Thriller Life

Life blasts into UK cinemas next month. Here’s a brand new featurette for the Jake Gyllenhaal space epic.

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The Best Race Against The Clock Movies
Words: Karen Hamada The best thrillers are often the ones that make you instinctively hold your breath until the film ends. Nothing beats the excitement of a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. One of the best kinds of thrillers is those involving a race... Read more
The Isaacs 2017 – Filmoria’s Alternative Academy Awards

Who needs The Oscars when you have The Isaacs – Filmoria’s alternative Academy Awards!

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Which Trailers Won Super Bowl Weekend?
With an incredible comeback from the New England Patriots, led by an inspired Tom Brady securing his fifth Super Bowl, the Super Bowl has now passed us by yet again for another year. For all the talk of this history-making fightback and Lady Gaga’s unbelievable half-time show, we also... Read more
Colossus And Negasonic Teenage Warhead Will Return For Deadpool 2
For all the rumours of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman once more teaming up on screen in their familiar roles of Deadpool and Wolverine in some capacity, it pays to remember that Deadpool 2 is a go and there are plenty of other characters set to either make their... Read more
La La Land Breaks Golden Globe Records With Most Wins By A Single Film

La La Land claimed seven awards from seven categories at a historic night at the Golden Globe Awards!

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