The Best Occult Retro Movies Ever
When you’re a kid, you usually find occult movies terrifying. But as you get older, you gradually get to understand their dark humour. Whatever you get out of them, this genre is unique, fascinating and, for some of us, great fun. They’re enjoyable in the same way you might... Read more
Poll Discovers We Are Scared Less By Horror Movies Than Politicians!
Tales from the Commons beat Tales from the Crypt Spiders, Brexit, FOMO and coriander poll higher than horror movies in Britain’s League Table of Fears   With Halloween approaching, there is mounting evidence that real world fears are eclipsing imaginary fears, according to poll for Clintons. Traditional blood curdling... Read more
The Exorcist Set For The West End Stage!
“I’m telling you that ‘thing’ upstairs isn’t my daughter…” Forty-five years after William Peter Blatty’s best-selling novel terrified an entire generation, The Exorcist will be unleashed onto the West End stage for the very first time in a uniquely theatrical experience directed by Sean Mathias and adapted for the... Read more
William Peter Blatty, Author Of The Exorcist, Has Died

Acclaimed screenwriter and novelist William Peter Blatty has passed away, aged 89.

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Lost The Plot: Kids Guess The Synopsis From The Movie Poster
Kids often say the funniest things, whether it’s while watching television or film, or even observing an image and making their own unique observations about what lay in front of their young eyes. Thankfully, we’re able to note down and possess images of such hilarities, and thanks to Music... Read more