The Founder (2017) Review
Michael Keaton stars as The Founder in John Lee Hancock's fast food empire biopic. Here's our official verdict.
Movies That Mean Business
This week’s release of John Lee Hancock’s The Founder brings the darker side of American big business to the fore.  It’s the story of Ray Kroc, the milkshake machine salesman who discovered a revolutionary fast food outlet in California and turned it into the business that today feeds 1%... Read more
Infographic: Enjoy Some McDonalds Facts With The Founder
Set for release this Friday, Michael Keaton-starring The Founder focuses on the building of the fast food empire that we know as McDonalds, tracking the story of salesman Ray Kroc as he built one of the biggest food empires on the planet through ruthlessness and determination. To celebrate the... Read more
The Founder (2017) Review

Michael Keaton stars as The Founder in John Lee Hancock’s fast food empire biopic. Here’s our official verdict.

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Michael Keaton Is Winning In The Founder Clip

Ahead of its UK release next week, check out a brand new clip from McDonald’s movie The Founder right here!

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Brilliant New Trailer Arrives For John Lee Hancock’s The Founder
Michael Keaton has seen somewhat of a career resurgence since his breakout return in Oscar-winning Birdman and he’s certainly not stopped ever since. Having last year featured in another Oscar winner in the form of Spotlight, Keaton just keeps on racking up the big performances and his latest collaboration... Read more
Appetising New Trailer For The Founder

Michael Keaton is Mr. McDonald’s in The Founder. Check out the brand new trailer here.

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