Non-Christmas Titles We Love To Watch This Festive Season
It’s that time of the year where we debate whether Die Hard truly is a Christmas film, scoff our...
Six Of Gotham’s Vilest Villains
Dark, cold and crime –ridden, Gotham city is not a place you’d want to visit on a whim or...
Glow: Season 1 Review
Big hair and big personalities, the ladies of the latest Netflix Original series don’t just “glow”, they positively shine....
Filmoria’s Favourite Jump Scares
This weeks sees the release of not one but two horror sequels, with the franchise-ending Resident Evil: The Final Chapter saying goodbye to Alice and co while a return to the world of Samara and that dreaded life-threatening video tape is promised once again with Rings. As is customary... Read more
Atmospheric New A Cure For Wellness Clip & TV Spots

Dane DeHaan is trapped in a tank in this creepy new clip from A Cure For Wellness…

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Trio Of Spooky TV Spots For Rings

Samara will “make you suffer” with these scary new TV spots for horror sequel, Rings.

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Watch The Opening 5 Minutes Of Sadako Vs Kayako
If you’re a fan of horror then we’ve got a treat for you, courtesy of horror streaming service Shudder. Hailing from Japan’s greatest recent horror entities Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge, two titans of horror lock horns as it’s time for Sadako Vs Kayako. With the film recently being... Read more
New Clip From Gore Verbinski’s A Cure For Wellness

Dane DeHaan bids for freedom from Gore Verbinski’s macabre medical centre in this new clip from A Cure For Wellness.

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Samara Is Back In First Trailer For Rings
As we reported earlier this week, the first poster for upcoming horror Rings would be followed by a first look trailer and today that has arrived, warning us of the threat of the evil Samara, bringing back the terror with her television trick that means seven days of elongated... Read more
Unsettling New Poster For Horror Sequel Rings
‘First you watch it. Then you die.’ A few delays along the way, but the brand-new instalment in the creepy horror franchise The Ring, F. Javier Gutierrez’s (Before The Fall) Rings starring Vincent D’Onofrio (Jurassic World/The Magnificent Seven) and The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki will finally debut... Read more
Bleed For This (2016) Review
Based on the inspirational true story of Italian World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller) whom makes a comeback to the ring after suffering a near fatal car crash, this should have been up there with all the other greats but sadly turns out to be nothing more than... Read more
5 Boxing Movies That Pack One Hell Of A Punch
Sports movies often give us the most inspiring stories and characters of any films, but when it comes to a particular sport there are few that manage to match the might and prowess of boxing. Through the years, we’ve bared witness to some of the greatest underdog stories in... Read more
How Dwayne Johnson Rocked Hollywood

Ahead of Disney’s exhilarating Moana, we take a kind look at it’s gigantically lovable star: Dwayne Johnson.

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