The Best Star Wars Rebels Characters The Best Star Wars Rebels Characters
Ahead of Rogue One, we take a look at the best characters from narrative next door neighbours Star Wars Rebels! The Best Star Wars Rebels Characters

It is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story week here at Filmoria, and to celebrate, we thought it was apt to take a closer look at the Rebels and Imperials who reside in the same narrative timeline as Jyn Erso, Captain Cassian Andor, and the rest of the crew.

Disney XD’s ludicrously entertaining Star Wars Rebels is situated next-door to Gareth Edwards’ anthology film, and provides a rich banquet of original and returning characters for audiences to enjoy each and every week. Whilst virtually every single persona in the show is of merit and brings something to the galactic table, we have composed a list of the best of the bunch. From Padawans to Mandalorians, and everything in between, here is our official ranking…

10. Ezra Bridger

Source: Lucasfilm


Street-smart, hot-headed, and awkwardly balanced between the Light and the Dark, young Ezra is one the most interesting protagonists in the Star Wars universe. A powerful and developmental – if somewhat undisciplined – Jedi, he is recruited on Lothal by the crew of The Ghost who plan to bring the fight to the Empire once and for all. His inexperiences with the Force make him vulnerable to the seduction of power, which consequently keeps narrative strands surprising and satisfying.

09. Hondo Ohnaka

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One of the most reliable sources of comic relief in the entire show. Hondo is a pragmatic and determined pirate from the Outer Rim who will go to extraordinary lengths in order to attain some loot. He’ll befriend and betray almost instantaneously, but his selfish ways are paired with infectious wit, making him one of the most loveable rogues in the galaxy. His interplay dialogue with Ezra, and fellow pirate Azmorgian in particular makes for major belly laughs.

08. Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios

Source: Lucasfilm


The muscle onboard The Ghost. Zeb was a cunning and ruthless Lasat honour guard, and remains one of the very few of his kind. Brazen, action-orinenated, and with no time for nonsense, he is one the show’s toughest and most hilariously bruising presences. Despite a love of smashing “bucket heads” – an endearing term for Stormtroopers – he is an extremely intelligence and compassionate member of the Rebellion, who has shown more emotionally-resonate shades during critical periods of each season.

07. Darth Maul 

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The ever-deceitful and foreboding villain who shadows true intentions with fabricated thoughtfulness and wise words. Darth Maul is a throbbing thorn in Ezra’s side as he longs for the young Jedi to become his loyal apprentice. Having failed at maintaining all-power on a number of occasions, this eager and manipulative Sith Lord is looking for a body to continue his dark legacy long after he passes. The Maul in Rebels is very different to The Clone Wars, and indeed The Phantom Menace. He is older, calmer, but ultimately far more dangerous.

06. Kanan Jarrus

Source: Lucasfilm


Not every Jedi perished during Order 66, and not every Jedi has the rich connection to the Force like Kanan does. Hidden in plain sight for years and years, his true potential came to fruition when teaching his Padawan Ezra how to harness the power of the Light, and to use his abilities to punish the Empire who suppress them so. After a deadly encounter with Darth Maul, he is now with sightless eyes, but that does not mean he is blind. Kanan is a leader, a mentor, a master, and wields his power just as potently despite the darkness which clouds his vision.

05. Ahsoka Tano

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Loyal Padawan to Anakin Skywalker, who then brought a devastating fight to her as Darth Vader, few characters have ventured such a unruly path as Ahsoka Tano. The fiercely intelligent and powerful Jedi understands that her destiny offers more than the lightsaber, and she rendered into a core source of tactical information to the Rebellion under codename “Fulcrum”. Ahsoka’s voyage from The Clone Wars to Rebels is arguably the most captivating narrative progression in the SWEU – so much so that she has become one of the most beloved figures in all Star Wars lore; quite rightly so…

04. Grand Admiral Thrawn

Source: Lucasfilm


With striking blue skin, devilish red eyes, and an angular face pressed upon block-white attire, Grand Admiral Thrawn is the most uniquely intimidating presence in the Imperial Empire, and he is here to slowly crush that Rebel Scum. He is a remarkable strategist; a patient and disciplined war lord who savours the most finite piece of information and is hellbent on truly understanding his opponents every intention before initiating a full-scale attack. Like clockwork, Thrawn’s calculated and brilliant mind measures all details so when the time comes to fight, it’ll take a miracle for him to be defeated.

03. Hera Syndulla 

Source: Lucasfilm


The captain and very heart of The Ghost crew, Hera serves as both the material figure to her fellow Rebels, but also as a ferociously dedicated tactician who orchestrates attacks, retrievals and rescues. For every ounce of tenderness and warmth lies a freighter-load of badass. An incredible pilot – brutally accurate when dogfighting with TIE Fighters – Hera equally has the power to inspire, and discover good in those who didn’t know it themselves. She brings the best from her team, and together they work as an all-powerful unit. Without Hera, there is no Ghost, and without The Ghost, the Empire remain victorious.

02. Sabine Wren

Source: Lucasfilm


A riotous explosion of colour, creativity, and Imperial demolition. Sabine is The Ghost’s weapons expert and explosives operator whose muscular Mandalorian heritage furthers her ability to fight and keep fighting. A lover of art, she can be frequently seen spray-painting across the galaxy, leaving tags as hallmarks of victory over their relentless opposition. Throughout Rebels, we have see Sabine’s odyssey expand dramatically, and in Season 3, her roots to Madalore are being beautifully explored. She has sported a jetpack, and even wielded the Darksaber – the ancient artifact of ultimate power once harnessed by Pre Vizsla during the Clone Wars.

01. Agent Kallus

Source: Lucasfilm


The sideburns alone could win this one. With a particular interest in eliminating The Ghost crew, we are introduced to Agent Kallus – a highly-ranked officer in the Imperial Security Bureau – as a conniving and merciless foe. However throughout the show’s growth, he has rendered into a hugely surprisingly and multilayered presence. Each interaction with the Rebel fleet leaves an impact upon him, and core moments such as being stranded with Zeb have shown a more sympathetic, humane side to this tactical commander. Audiences are still unsure as to whether Kallus is serving as a Rebel mole, or whether he is able to merely understand their point of view despite his allegiance to the Empire. Whichever direction this fascinating anti-hero ventures in, you can be certain it’ll be riveting indeed.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Forest Whitaker, Jiang Wen, Mads Mikkelsen, and Alan Tudyk. The film opens in IMAX 3D in British cinemas of Thursday, 15th December, and a day later in the United States. 

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