The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 – “Dead Or Alive” Review The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 – “Dead Or Alive” Review
In this week’s episode of The Flash, entitled ‘Dead or Alive’, Cisco spoke of being invested in one member of the team and that... The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 – “Dead Or Alive” Review

In this week’s episode of The Flash, entitled ‘Dead or Alive’, Cisco spoke of being invested in one member of the team and that spoke volumes in the whole framework of this show and indeed this particular episode. Here we have a show which builds its foundations upon this terrific group of characters and once again we were presented with the art of how a television show connects us with all its individuals.

With the ongoing mission of attempting to find ways in which Iris’ fate can be altered still heavy in their minds, Team Flash – and more specifically, HR (Tom Cavanagh) – faced the wrath of Earth-19’s own viber, Gypsy. Explaining that inter-dimensional was illegal on their Earth, Gypsy looked to take HR back with her, but not before a trial by combat would be cemented with none other than Cisco.

Elsewhere, with Wally embracing his alter-ego Kid Flash even more and enjoying the limelight, Iris would turn to him for help with a story involving dangerous arms dealers, despite being warned off by Joe.

As previously mentioned, investment is core to The Flash and this week we finally got some sense of that wth HR after weeks of him being ‘the funny, coffee-obsessed guy’. With his place on the team on the line, we finally saw a bit more humanity to HR and the added bonus of his relationship with Cisco heading in the right direction. We always knew these two would hit it off at some point and the way in which their brief heart-to-heart played out was rather well executed and bodes well for the future.

With HR in danger, it was great to see Cisco step up to the plate and put himself on the line, especially when it resulted in some great interplay between him and Gypsy. The typical Cisco villain infatuation worked in with the scenes and it was fantastic to see him embrace his vibe powers much more this time around. Even more impressive were the jumps between Earths; each were visually on-point and that moment where they landed at Catco was inspired. The real shame came in the conclusion to the battle but bigger budget fights down the line will likely rectify this.

Another person taking their powers to the next level is Wally and he is slowly becoming MVP in Team Flash. Before he’s there though, Iris continues to be the boss as she looked to add some mark of her own in covering a life-threatening story. Iris’ situation is one that will be of interest right up until her fateful day in May but the show just has to keep it from being shoved too much in our faces.

As a whole, Dead or Alive worked in progressing the overall scope of the show’s current events without being too spectacular. The usual players were endearing as ever and it’s great to see Julian add that slight pessimism to the team for a mixed dynamic. Gypsy provided an average villain and HR stepped up, and there was even a nice further glimpse at the West-Allen love being felt.

The Flash airs on The CW on Tuesdays and returns to UK screens on Sky One tonight.

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