The Strangers: Survival Guide The Strangers: Survival Guide
Back in 2008, the silver screen was graced with a terrifying new flick in which the villains – regular every-day people – turned up... The Strangers: Survival Guide

Back in 2008, the silver screen was graced with a terrifying new flick in which the villains – regular every-day people – turned up at an innocent couple’s home and terrorised the inhabitants, just for the fun of it. Ever since, The Strangers has stayed in film fans’ memories as a truly horrifying cult classic.

To celebrate the much-anticipated sequel, The Strangers: Prey At Night, being released in UK cinemas from this Friday, 4th May, we thought we’d answer the question on everybody’s lips:
How can regular everyday folk like me avoid being slaughtered by masked menaces in my holiday home?

Well you’re in luck because we’re here with our Top Tips for surviving against The Strangers!

  1. Pick a nice, public holiday spot
    We all love to escape when we go away, but if you can avoid spending your evening at a secluded holiday house or sketchy trailer park, we would absolutely recommend it. If you really can’t help it, get to know the owners or make sure there’s somebody keeping an eye on the resort. A bit of back-up never hurt anyone… Except possibly the back-up, as we saw in the first film.
  2. Don’t answer the door
    If they don’t know that you’re home, they won’t bother you. If you aren’t expecting anybody to pop by, just check through a window or the key-hole just to be sure you’re not opening your home up to a group of homicidal lunatics who plan to terrorise you and your loved ones. If the porch light suddenly stops working and you can’t see the person’s face, maybe just avoid answering altogether.
  3. Make sure your car is always ready to go
    Always ensure your car has its MOT, you’ve got your keys to hand, and your tyres haven’t been slashed. Those Strangers can be sneaky!
  4. Steel doors and strong locks
    They have axes and knives, so a regular wooden door cut won’t cut it with these guys – make sure all your doors are reinforced with strong materials such as steel, or titanium. If you’re savvy enough to have a panic bunker we recommend hiding in there until you can summon help.
  5. Camouflage
    A nice bit of camo or dark clothing will – at the very least – give you a bit of time in the event you manage to escape your house. While The Strangers are pretty good at tracking their victims down, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a few minutes to come up with a plan.
  6. Home-made masks
    Hessian (or Burlap) is the fabric of choice for our Man in the Mask so if you’re a potato farmer, or study Art GCSE, this could be your saving grace. If you’re neither of those things, there’s no need to panic! It’s easy to paint a sheet of paper or blank mask to look like Doll Face or Pin-Up. They’ll never know you’re an imposter if they’ve all split up to look for victims! Your basic arts & crafts skills could trick these guys for a solid few minutes, using materials found in most homes.
  7. Be very good at running (and/or parkour)
    Keep your stamina and energy levels high, and be ready to sprint, climb and crawl. These guys may have a truck, but if you’re nimble and speedy enough you can negotiate your way around the neighbourhood to safety.
  8. Be prepared to fight back

We all know there’s only so long a person can run and hide, as our family in Prey At Night know all too well – so accept the fact that you will have no choice but to fight back against these ruthless masked murderers.

Do you think you could survive against the Strangers? Let us know!

Check out The Strangers: Prey At Night in cinemas from this Friday, 4th May.

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