Watch: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Announcement Trailer Watch: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Announcement Trailer
Check out the stunning announcement trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War! Watch: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Announcement Trailer

“The world of men is ending…”

An eerie callback to Galadriel’s opening monologue to Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship Of The Ring. As today, WB Games revealed a cinematic trailer for the upcoming Middle-Earth sequel to 2014’s Shadow Of Mordor – titled Shadow Of War. Which will see Talion obtain a new ring of power, in order to go toe to toe with Sauron – as teased at the end of the previous game. The trailer features the ranger himself, accompanied by his spectral ally Celebrimbor, forging the ring atop Mount Doom, as the Dark Lord gathers his forces on Mordor…. With a nice cameo from a balrog!

As with most cinematic videos, this does not showcase any gameplay visuals. However the trailer does additionally announce that the first gameplay reveal will arrive on March 8th.

The game, once again developed by Monolith Productions, will be released August 22nd 2017 for Playstation 4, XBOX One (including Project Scorpio), Steam and Windows 10.

Check out the official announcement video below.

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Source: IGN

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