5 Great Bank Robbery Scenes In The Movies 5 Great Bank Robbery Scenes In The Movies
Everyone loves a thriller don’t they? It’s a genre so intense that it forces us to forget our everyday lives and become totally absorbed... 5 Great Bank Robbery Scenes In The Movies

Everyone loves a thriller don’t they? It’s a genre so intense that it forces us to forget our everyday lives and become totally absorbed in the on-screen action. With the upcoming home entertainment release of Marauders on the 20th February, we’ve decided to take a look at the best thrillers revolving around the theme of bank robberies. The particular combination ensures intellectual complexity and suspenseful action in waves, so hold on tight, and take your pick from five of the best!


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Marauders is an exhilarating, high-octane thriller which follows all-star cast comprised of Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista and Christopher Meloni  as they gamble in the world of high-stakes bank heists.

The story opens with the fall-out after four armed robbers attack Hubert National Bank, and all evidence appears to point to the high powered manager and his clients.  As the fatal robberies continue, it’s up to a team of tenacious FBI agents to uncover the wider conspiracy at play…

A series of ever-winding twists and turns render this a must see! Tune in to find out who is truly innocent or guilty, and who will eventually find redemption.

The Dark Knight

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One of the most thrilling bank robbery scenes comes from Heath Ledger’s Joker in 2008’s The Dark Knight. Cunningly killing off five members of his team whilst running off with the full haul, Ledger earned a posthumous Oscar for his stint as the classic comic book character.

Arguably, this is one of the most entertaining opening film scenes ever made. To top it all off, the fact that Ledger manages to escape via flawlessly camouflaged yellow school bus (untraceable in a fleet of similar models) just as the police arrive, gives the perfect introduction to one of the most villainous anti-heroes of all time.

Now You See Me

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The protagonists in Now You See Me are supposed to be ‘regular stage magicians’ however, we see them have the power to send a man from Las Vegas to a Paris bank vault, and create a hole in the universe for money to fly through, making this one of the most mind-boggling bank heists ever seen on the big screen!

Inclusive of a huge amount of misdirection and distraction, the perfect robbery goes ahead right under the noses of the police, while they are looking the other way, fooled my magic and trickery.

Once you decipher the trickery, it’s a little  disheartening but until then, let the mind-bending commence.

Point Break

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Re-made in 2015, we take a look at the classic 1991 original version of Point Break. Starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, the title refers to a surfing term “point break”, where a wave breaks a it hits the point of land from the coastline. With Reeves as a novice undercover FBI agent investigating a series of bank robberies, he develops a complex friendship with leader of the gang (Swayze).

One of the most memorable heist scenes comes where they imitate the ex-Presidents – wearing masks depicting former Presidents; Regan, Nixon, Johnson and Carter, raiding cashier drawers in the banks, in and out in 90 seconds. Perfect precision, making excellent cinema.

The Town

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The 2010 American crime drama directed and starring Ben Affleck, shows two sides to the assailants guilty of the crime, making this heist thriller in particular very poignant and different to others we have seen before.

When a gang robs a  local bank they take the bank manager hostage – she is released unharmed but later followed by the gang after they learn she lives in the same neighborhood. Soon, a romance blossoms between one of the bank robbery gang members and the previously captured bank manager.

When we first meet the four robbers, they establish themselves as professional criminals and the adrenaline levels soar as we see just how brutal the group are – everything has been meticulously planned, with absolutely nothing left to chance making this one of the most effective bank robberies in film.

Marauders is out on Blu-ray™, DVD and available to own digitally from 20th February, 2017.

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