6 Actresses We’d Love For Gotham City Sirens 6 Actresses We’d Love For Gotham City Sirens
Despite an apparent mis-step in the relationship between David Ayer and Warner Bros seeing Suicide Squad clearly chopped and changed to create critical havoc... 6 Actresses We’d Love For Gotham City Sirens

Despite an apparent mis-step in the relationship between David Ayer and Warner Bros seeing Suicide Squad clearly chopped and changed to create critical havoc earlier this year, this week saw the confirmation that the director is to return to DC realms and bring to life Gotham City Sirens, fronted by Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

It’s a bold move from the studio, considering the critical reception to Ayer’s latest movie, but one that could certainly pay off especially considering the comic book landscape and the desire from fans for more female characters driving these expansive universes. While Robbie is currently the only name attached, it has been rumoured that Megan Fox may be in the fold to play Poison Ivy – a decision that we’re not entirely sure about – but there are a multitude of characters and actresses who could enter the fold.

That’s where we come in. We’ve got our own suggestions as to who should be part of this ambitious project and we want to know your thoughts…

1. Anne Hathaway – Catwoman

Source: Batman Wiki

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Christopher Nolan’s trilogy-ending The Dark Knight Rises was rather disappointing and features many flaws, but one of the saving graces was indeed the emergence of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. Scheming, slippery and all so tempting, Hathaway brought back to life a character who hadn’t seen such care and attention paid to her since Tim Burton’s Batman Returns way back in 1992.

She became the perfect remedy to Tom Hardy’s hard-to-understand Bane and also put shame to a usually reliable Marion Cotillard, who was painfully under-written and neglected as the not-so-surprising Talia Al Ghul.

There was much promise from Hathaway’s Catwoman as she presented both foe and almost trustworthy ally to Christian Bale’s Batman, and it certainly left us wanting much, much more. Hence why she enters straight into this list as it wouldn’t be difficult to see her returning in a role that she undoubtedly made her own for the modern comic book audience.

2. Alexandra Daddario – Talia Al Ghul

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Sure, Talia isn’t a member of the original trio but she certainly helped them along the way, so why not include her in a female-strong movie? After all, as mentioned previously, Marion Cotillard’s portrayal of the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul was rather pitiful and we feel like there is some redemption to be had for her handling in the first instance.

And who better to add a bit of spice and assassin skills to the fray than Alexandra Daddario?!

The young actress is currently one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses, ready to raise her stock next year in Baywatch and having previously been solid in the likes of the Percy Jackson series and San Andreas. A movie like this would not only raise Daddario’s profile significantly, but it would also see her finally entering the comic book fray, for which we certainly think she is primed for.

3. Emma Stone – Poison Ivy

Source: TV Guide

Yes we know, this is the ultimate in fantasy casting, especially considering Stone has already dipped her toes in the Marvel waters having played Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, but just imagine Stone playing the scintillating Poison Ivy and treading the line of villainy for once.

We’re sure you’ll all be in agreement that this would be at least a little tempting to see on the screen, especially with Stone being an actress who thrives in the company of other exciting actresses.

She’s an individual who command the screen like few others and, combined with someone like Margot Robbie (dream cast pairing anyone?!) you can guarantee fireworks on display from start to finish.

4. Evan Rachel Wood – Batgirl

Source: Autostraddle

Evan Rachel Wood has been lighting up our television screens with one of the performances of the year in Westworld and, while she’ll be tied down to the HBO show for some time, we’d still love her to take a bow in the comic book world. What better way than to present the second cinematic interpretation of Batgirl, but this time more akin to the mood and tone of current Batman, Ben Affleck?

We already know she can present a great deal of emotion and powerful presence on the screen so why not throw in a female hero amongst the villains? It would be a curveball thrown in, in terms of comic book validity, but after the debacle surrounding Batman and Harley Quinn’s fifty-cuffs in Suicide Squad it would make complete sense to have women battling women for a change.

There is mass scope for Batgirl to enter this ever-expanding DC universe and if Warner Bros truly want to keep viewers onside and backing them then this could be another valid character to throw our way.

5. Morena Baccarin – Catwoman

Source: Wallpapers.com

Why have we not even seen any mention of the amazing Morena Baccarin linked to Gotham City Sirens at all so far? This is a woman who has seen plenty of action in the DC field already, having voiced Tali Al Ghul, provided the voice for Gideon in The Flash TV series (we bet you didn’t know that!) and is even a regular fixture on DC show, Gotham.

If there was ever someone more than qualified to essentially play a Batman villain (again) then it’s this talented woman. Such a woman is an absolute asset to any project and with her acting prowess and experience we can definitely see Baccarin slipping into the catsuit and presenting a much more mature version of Selina Kyle.

This is a woman who defined sexiness in Fox’s Deadpool earlier this year, so there’s little doubting that she would be perfect as Catwoman for David Ayer. Maybe we should start a petition now…

6. Karen Gillan – Poison Ivy

Source: Celebrities in Tights

Another one of those long-shot ideas, especially with her involvement in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, but hands up who would just love to see Karen Gillan sink her teeth into a role such as Poison Ivy…

Gillan has proved that she can do so much more since her days in Doctor Who, having taken on horror in Oculus and turning rather intimidating in Guardians of the Galaxy as Nebula. The problem is, she was massively underused in Guardians and there would be much more fun to be had in a role such as that of Poison Ivy.

We know she has the acting chops to do something heftier and more defining so why not jump over to the darker side of the comic realm and enter Gotham City for some poisonous fun?!

Let us know who you think should be a part of Gotham City Sirens, both characters and actresses, and be sure to take the debate over to our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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