Harvest Moon: One World coming to Nintendo Switch™ this year!
A brand-new way of exploring a world of Harvest Moon Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented...
Shinsekai: Into the Depths Makes a Splash on Apple Arcade
Capcom today announced the release of Shinsekai: Into the Depths, a brand new IP debuting on Apple Arcade, Apple’s...
Biggest Expansion to JUST CAUSE 4 Available Now for Gold Edition and Season Pass Owners Square Enix Ltd. is...
Revisit your favorite Movies and play them on casino video slots
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What to Do in Tbilisi in Bad Weather?
What to Do in Tbilisi in Bad Weather? What to do if you come to Tbilisi, and bad weather happened there? Just a little change in the rest plan! Look at places where the weather is not important. The choice is quite large: Tiflis baths, wine bars, restaurants, gambling... Read more
Summer Fun at Shangri La Casino, Or How to Turn the Summer Season in Minsk into A Holiday
Not enough thrills this summer? Then it is worth going to hot parties in one of the best casinos in Minsk – Shangri La. Every Saturday of this season turns into a bright celebration, and the organizers have added a culinary highlight to a pleasant party break. Each time... Read more
Ready your wands! Niantic, Inc. and WB Games today announced the official launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™ in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The highly anticipated augmented reality (AR) real-world mobile game is co-published and co-developed by Niantic, Inc. and WB Games under the Portkey Games... Read more
SL Casino Riga by Storm International – the Outstanding Events Organizer in Latvian Life
SL Casino Riga is one of the VIP casinos in Riga, a status vacation spot that will surely satisfy classic gambling fans. Private halls offer a great choice for a pleasant stay: roulette, poker and much more. The refined atmosphere and themed parties at SL Casino make the Latvian... Read more
Shangri La Casino in Minsk Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary and Hosts the Hot Saturdays
Shangri La celebrates 10 years of successful work in Minsk on July 20, 2019! This evening you will find an enchanting show, a lot of surprises, an elegant buffet, and the main gift will be the performance of the “Chayf” band. And guests can participate in a super game... Read more
Sweepstakes software making B2B RiverSweeps strategies
Sweepstakes software making B2B RiverSweeps strategies During the last few months, I spent a long time using the Swedish Stack in the BBB software market. Software marketers stay away from the bushes. There is a good reason for it. But because the use of bushes is a powerful tactic... Read more
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Vertigo Games, the videogame studio behind the hit VR shooter Arizona Sunshine, has announced After the Fall™, an epic multiplayer VR action FPS that will bring players into a vast, hostile world with seamless co-op gameplay at its core. Expected to launch in 2020, After the Fall combines an... Read more
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Are Online Casino Games Worth Playing?
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War Child FC Kicks Off Games Celebration with Exclusive EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Kit, Steam Sale and Celebrity Livestream
London, United Kingdom – 14th May 2019 – War Child UK is celebrating the next step in its exciting War Child FC project, which uses the power of football to support the lives of children and young people who live in conflict areas. War Child FC’s latest activity continues... Read more