Interview: Masiela Lusha Talks Sharknado 5 And Her Charity Project Interview: Masiela Lusha Talks Sharknado 5 And Her Charity Project
As the release of Sharknado 5 on SyFy slowly reaches us, we caught up with one of its stars, Masiela Lusha, as she reflected... Interview: Masiela Lusha Talks Sharknado 5 And Her Charity Project

As the release of Sharknado 5 on SyFy slowly reaches us, we caught up with one of its stars, Masiela Lusha, as she reflected on her character Gemini and why the fans are so integral to this ever-audacious film series…

Sharknado 5 is on the horizon and you’re returning in the role of Gemini, how excited were you to get back into character for the second time?

Beyond excited! Each Sharknado feels like a goody bag – even as actors, we never know what to expect. At this rate, it feels like an ever-evolving epic series. I love the Sharknado universe because it is so vastly different from other projects I’ve worked on. I love the family, and am super excited to fillet some sharks. And I especially can’t wait to speak with the fans during our live tweeting!

In terms of the story this time around, things are about to go on a much larger scale – can you give us a little teaser of what to expect? 

With every film, Sharknado evolves and expands and this installment is no exception. We’re taking it global! And we’re playing with physics. Can’t get more intense and unpredictable than that!

We understand you also did your own stunts on set, how exciting was that to undertake?

Doing my own stunts was what absolutely intrigued me about Sharknado. They wrote Gemini with so much heart and fierceness – it was absolutely delicious to play! While filming, the producers hinted that I wouldn’t be able to do the stunts. And of course, when someone says a task can’t be done, a light goes off and I feel more encouraged than ever to prove them wrong.

My favorite stunt was leaping off the Stratosphere Hotel. There we were at 4am. I stepped onto the platform, gripped the railing, the Vegas wind was blowing. I kept my eyes closed as my heart thrust up my throat. I figured if I didn’t look down, it wouldn’t be as terrifying. Then Anthony, our director, snuck up behind me and said, “Ok, I need you to look down. But really look down. Absorb the landscape, hold on to that view, take a deep breath…. then jump!” And I said, “Ok, got it. Look down, stare at the city lights.” And he turned back around and said, “And don’t scream. We’re filming two takes. That’s all we have time for.”

The previous film saw it become number one trend on Twitter for a number of days, what do you think it is about the film series that resonates with audiences?

The Sharknado fanbase is by far my favorite. I love their enthusiasm for the franchise. I feel the reason Sharknado is so successful is because the film doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has a lot of heart, absolutely, but it doesn’t attempt to fool the audience. There’s safety in that. The fans are part of that universe because they share the same fun, and can appreciate that sense of play. Though despite this playfulness, Sharknado caters to family and love. It is about recognizing potential and reaching the impossible. That resonates with many, including myself. And together, that combination of heart and playfulness creates a potently spectacular loyalty.

With the fan base clearly huge for the series, can we expect a sixth film?

Absolutely, there definitely should be a sixth. We make these films for our fans.

Aside from Sharknado 5, what other projects do you have in the pipeline?

There’s a project currently in the works that I am forbidden to reveal. I feel our fans are expecting it for years now, that one hint would certainly tip it off!

You also have a charity project, Uncommon Good, that you’re working on. How did you get involved in that and can you tell us more?

Uncommon Good has captured my heart because of its ability to truly elevate children above their unfortunate circumstances. We work with families in lower socioeconomic environments where the likelihood of college attendance is 41% at best. We embrace our students, mentor each child with all our heart, and help him or her find a great college to attend, thereby breaking the cycle they’ve known their entire life. I am proud to say we have a 100% success rate in college attendance! 100%! Can you imagine how this could drastically change the face of our country when taken national?

Finally, the last Sharknado movie was actually titled following a competition so if you had to give a title to the new film what would you call it? Our suggestion would be Sharknado 5: You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Float!

I love that! Super clever and prescient! I would say Sharknado 5: You Know You Wanna!

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