Interview – Annabelle: Creation Cinematographer Maxime Alexandre
With Annabelle: Creation still making waves in recent weeks and paving the way for IT to dominate this past...
AQUAMAN – 4K UHD, 3D, Blu-ray & DVD on Apr 8, Digital Download Apr 6
“A film that remembers blockbusters are meant to be fun” James Luxford, Radio Times “Visually wild and recklessly inventive” Empire “Thoroughly entertaining” Digital Spy JOURNEY INTO UNCHARTED WATERS WHEN AQUAMAN ARRIVES ONTO 4K ULTRA HD, 3D, BLU-RAY™ AND DVD ON APRIL 8 AND DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ON APRIL 6 The... Read more
Halloween – YouTube Reveals Halloween 2018 Most Popular Trailer & Frozen’s Elsa Costume is Top of Costume Trends
Halloween is only nine days away, which means that costume prep and scary movie season is in full swing. In advance of the spooky night, we’ve worked with our trends experts at YouTube to see what’s capturing the attention of people this season in the UK. YouTube is able... Read more
Horror’s Iconic Figureheads Of Pure Terror
For the first time since 2006, Friday the thirteenth fell in October. While this news might get paraskevidekatriaphobics (look it up, fact fans) in a spin, the rest of us can use it as an opportunity to get into the Halloween spirit a whole 18 days early. What’s more,... Read more
Interview – Annabelle: Creation Cinematographer Maxime Alexandre
With Annabelle: Creation still making waves in recent weeks and paving the way for IT to dominate this past week’s box office, we posed some questions to the sequel’s cinematographer Maxime Alexandre, as he discussed his approach to creating the feel of a great horror and much more… With... Read more
Babysitting Annabelle: Celebrities Brave The Scares!
Screams of celebrities could be heard ringing across East London this week. When the Annabelle: Creation horror experience opened its doors in Stratford – resulting in some hilarious scares! Warner Bros Pictures and New Line Cinema invited the bravest to the ultimate scare challenge of babysitting the possessed doll,... Read more
Babysit Annabelle In An Immersive Horror Experience!
The possessed doll Annabelle, known from The Conjuring universe, arrived in London today, accompanied by actress Emilia Sofia Varslauskaite, 12.  The creepy pair were seen travelling towards Stratford, where they are to star in a terrifying new Annabelle Creation horror experience. Warner Bros Pictures and New Line Cinema invite... Read more
Chilling New Poster For Annabelle: Creation
Ready to haunt you for a second time is The Conjuring‘s creepy doll Annabelle, who stars in her very own sequel, Annabelle: Creation. The new poster for the film, which surges into UK cinemas on 11th August, can be seen below. Annabelle: Creation stars Miranda Otto, Stephanie Sigman, Lulu... Read more
Taissa Farmiga Is The Nun In Conjuring Spin-Off
The spin-off from the scarily popular fright franchise The Conjuring is keeping it in the family.  Taissa Farmiga has just been cast in the title role of The Nun.  She’s the younger sister of Vera Farmiga who, along with Patrick Wilson, play the pair of paranormal investigators at the... Read more
Chilling First Trailer For Annabelle: Creation

She’s back, and ready to scare us witless again! Here’s the first trailer for Annabelle: Creation.

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Filmoria’s Favourite Jump Scares
This weeks sees the release of not one but two horror sequels, with the franchise-ending Resident Evil: The Final Chapter saying goodbye to Alice and co while a return to the world of Samara and that dreaded life-threatening video tape is promised once again with Rings. As is customary... Read more