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‘We Are Your Friends’ Review

The camera and computer share similarly reflective views for Max Joseph; most ...

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Hitman Agent 47

‘Hitman: Agent 47’ Review

The videogame adaptation sector of cinema has seen its fair share of ...

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‘Landmine Goes Click’ Review

With Frightfest coming to London from the end of this week, a ...

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’45 Years’ Review

The opening screen is black. The credits are in white. As each ...

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Sinister 2

‘Sinister 2’ Review

Blumhouse Productions might be the most frustrating company currently trading in Hollywood. ...

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Vacation poster 1

‘Vacation’ Review

The Griswold family became a staple of the comedy genre many moons ...

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Paper Towns

‘Paper Towns’ Review

The romanticism of the American Indie is equally as prominent as the ...

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‘Mistress America’ Review

Director Noah Baumbach looks to be treading the same mainstream path as his ...

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Fantastic Look At Lady Gaga In ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

We truly are lucky in this day and age to bare witness ...

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The Young Pope

First Glimpse Of Jude Law As ‘The Young Pope’

Jude Law is getting into character to play the fictional Pope Pius ...

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‘The Flash’ Season Two Adds More New Faces

Not content with keeping its already illustrious team at a reasonably large ...

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Agent Carter Hayley Atwell as Peggy carter, James D'Arcy as Jarvis and Shea Whigham as Dooley

‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ Season 1 Episode 7 Review

This week’s episode Snafu sees Peggy being interrogated by her SSR colleagues, ...

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