7 Iconic Cinema Moments We’ll Never Forget 7 Iconic Cinema Moments We’ll Never Forget
Here at Filmoria we always love to look back at those pinnacle moments in cinema that you can’t help but replaying over and over... 7 Iconic Cinema Moments We’ll Never Forget

Here at Filmoria we always love to look back at those pinnacle moments in cinema that you can’t help but replaying over and over again. From family adventure films to horror, sci-fi and beyond, each genre has provided their own forgettable moments worthy of the history books.

To celebrate Warner Bros releasing their Iconic Moments collection on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital, we have looked back at just ten moments in cinema history that we personally will never forget. Here are seven moments that have helped define our love for cinema.

Bullet Time – The Matrix

Source: Huffington Post

While it may have been over-used since its initial inception into the cinematic landscape of the action genre, the first instance of bullet time appearing in a mainstream Hollywood blockbuster was a glorious and unprecedented affair. Keanu Reeves’ hero Neo, tasked with facing the wrath of the seemingly indestructible Agents, would see shots fired towards him and his unique abilities resulting in him dodging bullets like no other can. Truly unforgettable.

Truffle Shuffle – The Goonies

Source: Nerdist

The Goonies is one of those films that forged the childhoods of cinema audiences the world over. It’s sense of youthfulness, the pure adventure that is at the film’s core and, of course, the famed Truffle Shuffle. We all know a friend who is, shall we say, larger than life, and in the incomparable Chunk we not only got the perfect representation of that particular person of the friend group but also an iconic moment that still remains as popular to this day.

Here’s Johnny! – The Shining

Source: IFC

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is quintessential horror at its very finest. Often popping up on top ten lists and ‘greatest ever’ proclamations, The Shining is a masterpiece in claustrophobic, tense and dark horror, presenting fascinating characters and some truly disturbing imagery. But while those creepy twins and that bath scene may be among the scariest within the confines of the hotel in which the film is set, one scene remains the most iconic. With Jack unhinged towards the close of the film, it takes an axe and a door that he’s not prepared to let get in his way to summon those famous words, “Here’s Johnny!”.

Chariot Race – Ben Hur

Source: Snopes

Ben Hur remains to this day one of the most iconic epics of all time and the 1959 movie produced one of cinema’s biggest iconic moments in its enthralling chariot race just for extra measure. It’s fascinating to watch the sequence even to this day, with the realism captured incredibly, without the use of the technology we are so used to in this day and age. This moment will forever remain iconic in cinema history.

Singing In The Rain – Singin’ In The Rain

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Inspiring a whole new generation of dancers alike, that iconic moment in cinema classic Singin’ In The Rain where Gene Kelly struts his stuff in a blaze of glory to represent the film’s title is a glorious sight to behold. Ever since its first appearance on screens, various individuals have looked to replicate the dance number but none have been able to match it. Simply glorious, rain-drenched wonderment.

Outer Space Destruction – Gravity

Source: Patheos

One of the most recent films on our list, Gravity from director Alfonso Cuaron proved to the world that, when done right, the outer space epic can be a truly remarkable thing. Capturing a truly immersive and emotional movie, Cuaron presented us with an unforgettable early sequence in his film when Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are caught up in a catastrophic collision with their space station. In a masterful sequence that is unforgettable to the eye, debris flies towards you at every second and we truly feel the effects of the tragedy at hand in outer space.

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