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The Favourite – Film Review (Venice Film Festival 2018)
Only Yorgos Lanthimos could make a film about backstabbing-bitchiness, treachery and duck-racing a viable candidate for a Best Picture...
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BFI Flare 2018 – Freak Show Review
Let your freak flag fly! In a year that is seeing Love, Simon making a genuine case for a mainstream LGBTQ+ romantic comedy in the bankable teen box office market, Freak Show is perhaps a lesser known offering, but it is as deserving of the attention that the aforementioned... Read more
BFI Flare 2018 – Postcards from London Review
Art, sex, and sub-culture collide in this unique film experiment. Postcards from London is perhaps not the film you anticipate it to be, and in fact it is as far removed from lead actor Harris Dickinson’s last film, Beach Rats, as it is possible to be. In a highly... Read more
BFI Flare 2018 – The 34th Review
A personal account from the activists who changed history   Describing their country as a place of “secrets and silences” sets the tone for this ultimately inspiring documentary which charts the fight for marriage equality in Ireland and the brave group of people who challenged society’s very concept of... Read more
BFI Flare 2018 – My Days of Mercy Review
Opposite sides of the picket line attract. Receiving top billing at this year’s BFI Flare Festival, the prestigious opening night gala slot was afforded to Tali Shalom-Ezer’s My Days of Mercy following its premiere at Toronto International Film Festival last year. Starring Ellen Page and Kate Mara and with... Read more
Only The Brave Blu-Ray Review
Superb performances and inspiration fuel the fire for this most engaging of movie dramas. Inspirational, brave and heroic are just a few of the words that can be used to describe those individuals who put their lives on the line for the fire services all around the world and... Read more
All I See Is You DVD Review
Lively shines in yet another low-par Forster directorial effort. Marc Forster’s CV hardly reads as the most positive and revitalising directorial careers in Hollywood. Despite his fantastic Monster’s Ball, Forster has since faltered with the likes of Machine Gun Preacher and the much criticised World War Z among others... Read more
Crooked House DVD Review
One of Christie’s favourite stories finally makes the jump to the big screen and comes out mostly unscathed. Agatha Christie, much like fellow author Stephen King, seems to be experiencing a renaissance of sorts when it comes to adapting the pages of books to the big screen. Having seen... Read more
Den Of Thieves (2018) Review
Tries to pack a lot of Heat but never quite hits the pinnacle… When it comes to cop thrillers and films surrounding eloquent heists, it’s fair to say that in many cases we’ve seen it all before. There are the films that helped to define this corner of the... Read more
Surviving The Wild (2018) Review
Surviving The Wild is one of those film that gives you that warm, cosy feeling inside. Hollywood through the years has been known to product some truly remarkable young talent that would eventually blossom into the industry’s greatest names. Acts such as Jodie Foster have prevailed from a very... Read more
Coco (2018) Review

Coco (2018) Review

MoviesReviews 13th January 2018 0

A vibrant, cultured and heartfelt entry into the Disney Pixar catalogue. Many proclaim that music is the key to happiness and upon watching Disney Pixar’s latest movie Coco it’s very hard to deny such a statement. In fact, happiness and so much more are brimming from the studio’s latest... Read more