This Fantastic Trailer Captures The Best In Upcoming Home Entertainment Releases
Courtesy of the British Association for Screen Entertainment and in collaboration with, we have an absolute treat of...
Everything You Need To Know About The Justice League
Warner Bros. Pictures’ and DC Entertainment’s Justice League sees a terrible force threaten mankind. DC’s most iconic characters, Superman,...
Justice League (2017) Review
A heroic, yet often messy effort to combine DC’s finest heroes. While Marvel’s well-oiled plans have unfolded to see...
Wonder Woman (2017) Review

Gal Gadot is unleashed as the Wonder Woman in her solo DCEU outing. Here’s our official review.

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Amber Heard Sends Waves Crashing In First Look At Mera In Aquaman
With Wonder Woman garnering positive reactions from its first screenings, the DC Extended Universe look to capitalise on their promising run, with James Wan’s Aquaman. Starring Game Of Thrones alum Jason Momoa as the titular King of Atlantis. Yesterday the director posted a first look at actress Amber Heard... Read more
Watch The Majestic Final Trailer For Wonder Woman
All too often audiences and critics have directed a barrage of criticism the way of the DCEU for its often dark tone and nature, but with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman the next film to emanate from the DC comic book pages by way of Warner Bros it looks like... Read more
Top 8 DC Animated Films
There is no question the DCEU has many polarizing views, but what might not get as much credit as it deserves is the DC Animated Universe, or DCAU. DC has had a long history with Warner Bros. Animation of adapting many of their popular characters and story lines as... Read more
Watch: Stunning New Trailer For Justice League

Stop whatever you are doing & watch the stunning new trailer for Justice League!

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Cyborg And Wonder Woman Usher In The Impending Justice League Trailer
After releasing teasers that included Batman (Ben Affleck), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and The Flash (Ezra Miller), yesterday saw Warner Bros once again look to get DC fans alike pumped over the reveal of today’s Justice League trailer. With the trio of men already revealed in their own trailer snippets... Read more
Unite The League! Justice League Sneak Peaks Revealed
Ahead of the announced trailer for Justice League this Saturday, WB have unveiled 3 new teasers – highlighting League members Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Batman (Ben Affleck), and The Flash (Ezra Miller). The long-awaited DC team up will also feature Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Superman (Henry Cavill)... Read more
New Justice League Posters Unveiled; Trailer Arrives Saturday

Check out this awesome new posters for DC’s ensemble piece, Justice League!

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The Batman Set For Another Rewrite?
Just when we thought that the DCEU had begun to straighten itself out with some promising news it seems another spanner has been thrown in the works, but this one might not be such a bad thing. After some back-and-forth over the director’s chair, it was announced last month... Read more
New Wonder Woman Origins Trailer Charges In

Diana Prince discovers her true destiny in this amazing Origins Trailer for Wonder Woman. Watch it right here!

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Feast Your Eyes On This Stunning Wonder Woman Poster

This new Wonder Woman artwork is absolutely gorgeous. Check it out in full here!

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20 Must-See Movies Still To Come In 2017

From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, to War for the Planet of the Apes, here are your 20 Must-See Movies for the remainder of 2017!

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